Part One:

1)Ah, Romana in her "seaside" outfit...


2)Baker looks a bit guant, here. Apparently, he'd been ill.


3)Ooh, pageboys - generally a bad idea.


4)Ah, the old "science vs. religion" bit.


5)When I first saw this, I did not make the connection that Lexa was the same actress who'd played Barbara Wright - I think it's quite possible I hadn't seen any First Doctor stories yet.


6)"He sees the threads that join the universe together, and mends them when they break."


7)"Brotadac" is an anagram, a little joke by the writers. Terrance Dicks changed it to "Brotodac" in the novelization to make it less jokey.


8)I like the idea of an evil cactus.


9)"Chronic hysteresis?"  I think there's surgery they do for that now.


10)Cliffhanger #1: Meglos has turned into a duplicate of the Doctor.


Part Two:

11)I wonder if they save dmoney using the same scene over and over.


12)"Don't think too haard, you'll burst something." "I like his coat."


13)I'm extremely dubious that their method for escaping form the time loop would work.


14)K-9 must get his batteries the same place the Quarks do.  You'd think  that by the year 5000 they'd have longer-lasting power cells.


15)Cliffhanger #2; "She's seen too much! Kill her!"


Part Three:

16)"Let's hope that many hands make the lights work."


17)Ah, the infmaous kicking of K-9!


18)Cliffhanger #3: The Doctor's suit is about to be pressed - with him in it!


Part Four:

19)"That could've been me." and then it was.


20)"Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"


21)"Well, why would a good-looking chap like you want to control the universe?"


22)"Gallifrey - they want us back immediately."  Never did find out what they wanted.


Another OK but not extraordinary story, redeemed by a few interesting character bits.  I question how cactuses could have built a civilization.







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Interesting Fact: Frederick Treves, the physician who "discovered" John "The Elephant Man" Merrick, was the great-uncle of Frederick Treves, the actor who portrayed "Brotadac" in this story.
Yeah, but how does Kevin Bacon fit in?
Jeff of Earth-J said:
Yeah, but how does Kevin Bacon fit in?

Frederick Treves appeared with David Suchet in the Poirot episode "The Theft of the Royal Ruby."
David Suchet appeared with Kurt Russell in "Executive Decision."
Kurt Russell starred with Robert De Niro in "Backdraft."
And Robert De Niro starred with Kevin Bacon in "Sleepers."

Frederick Treves has a Bacon Score of 4.

7)"Brotadac" is an anagram, a little joke by the writers. Terrance Dicks changed it to "Brotodac" in the novelization to make it less jokey.


To be precise, it's an anagram of "bad actor".

The Baron said:
I question how cactuses could have built a civilization.

At an earlier stage of their evolution the Zolfa-Thurans were ambulatory. Gradually they developed two castes: ruling, non-ambulatory cacti like Meglos, and ambulatory servants (second from left). When the rulers had to retreat into underground bunkers to escape the exhaustion of their planet's water resources they didn't bother to save the ambulatory caste.

I haven't watched Meglos yet, but (oddly) I have watched the special features. There's another character name the writer refused to identify completely which I believe is an anagram of "wanker."

The Baron said:

7)"Brotadac" is an anagram, a little joke by the writers. Terrance Dicks changed it to "Brotodac" in the novelization to make it less jokey.


To be precise, it's an anagram of "bad actor".

You are correct, sir, although I don't know if that one actually made it onto the air.
Another OK but not extraordinary story, redeemed by a few interesting character bits.

That about sums it up.
I'm a bit put off by just how much this story was dismissed when it was first broadcast, and for the most part continues to be after all this time. Having just watched this back-to-back with "THE LEISURE HIVE" (last night and tonight), I found "MEGLOS" far superior on every single level. No, I'm not joking!

The first thing I noticed, of course, was the "Scene-Synch". Yes, it's CSO, but about 100 times better than what was used in "UNDERWORLD". And as someone who's worked with 3D modeling programs, it continues to delight me when I can see such a cheap show do something that looks so damn good as this! The idea, for those who've forgotten or never knew, is that you can actually link up 2 cameras, the one for live-action and the one for the computer models, and they both move together. It's quite stunning that they were able to do something like this. One should never become jaded just because something's several decades old already.

But far more impressive is the regular directing, acting, camera-work, editing... the STORY-TELLING, for God's sake!! I checked the IMDB, and it's unbelievable that this was Terrence Dudley's only DOCTOR WHO story as director. I mean, this man was SO good! He totally blows away every single thing that was done in "THE LEISURE HIVE" by comparison, and he does it by simply doing things the plain and simple, no-frills way, but doing it extremely well. Make no mistake. The best work is often invisible.

I do kinda wish the characters had more development. Edward Underdown was so sympathetic, and Jacqueline Hill WASN'T, but neither really got to stretch much. Far more fun was Bill Fraser (who returned less than a year later for "K-9 AND COMPANY"). He's not very bright, but next to his his men, his is truly a towering intellect! (Somebody said that once...)

Yes, I would have liked more background about Meglos, the Zolpha-Thurans, the Dodecahedron, the Screens... but somehow, none of that seemed to matter while I was totally caught up watching this (movie-version, the short episode lengths and recaps don't apply).

Tom Baker is MAGNIFICENT in this! His Doctor is thoughtful, and funny, but without over-doing it. His Meglos is a THRILL to watch! Oh, man, it made me dearly wish that after leaving the show that Baker had returned to playing movie villains like he did in "GOLDEN VOYAGE" and "VAULT OF HORROR". He's just intensely good in this.

And Lalla Ward-- WOW. She's smart, cool, and she has the funniest bits in the story. I love when she brings up The Doctor's mention of "anti-clockwise rotation" and uses it to fun rings around the halfwit bandits.

The last episode just had me full of excitement from beginning to end. Simply put, THIS is what Season 17 SHOULD have been like!!! Had JNT & Douglas Adams ever been able to join forces, maybe it could have. I know, not on JNT's watch.

The one thing that lets it down for me is the end. Completely uncalled-for "cliffhanger" about Gallifrey. I HATE when they do crap like that!!! And in retrospect, it makes a total farce out of the fact that, due to behind-the-scenes troubles, they NEVER DID get to Gallifrey, and we never found out why they wanted them back! (There's a story I'd have liked to have seen.)

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