1)Old lady eaten by a garbage pile - haven't seen that in awhile.


2)"Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday" - a callback to the old stage play with Trevor Martin.


Overall:  This is a story that would have been vastly improved by being an "old series" style four-parter.  in 45 minutes there just isn't enough time to pace the story in such a way as to develop a mood of tension and horror, and build up to the reveal of the real identity of George.  The price we pay for the new series format is to hop quickly from set-piece to set-piece, which does have the benift of skating the audience quickly past the more gigantic holes in the plot.

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I agree that it went too quickly. Still, if a teacher asks me for a video to show to a class around Halloween, this will be a pick.
I can't agree...as it was there was nothing to do inside the house!
I called "dollhouse" way early in the episode... before one was even shown. (There was a Dark Shadows like this, too.)

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