1)No opening credits.  That bugs me more than it probably should.

2)Daleks can survive being cut into three parts? And reassemble itself over long distances?

3)Ah, yes, the Unwitting Archaeologists Who Find....Something...

4)"Nineteen New Year's Eve in a row, which was your favorite?"  That actually sounds like it would get tedious after a while.

5)"Anywhere exciting?" "Sheffield."  Tip #1 for living in the Whoniverse:  If the Doctor takes an interest in your neighborhood, move out, fast!

6)"You just landed on my chair!"

7)"Is that your intruder alert or mine?" "It's the doorbell."

8)I liked the subplot with Aaron, I thought it was nicely done, making him a weak man, but not a total scumbag.  I also liked the way his stove, which could have been a sitcom-level get-rich-quick gimmick, figured into the plot.

9)"Hi, Ryan's dad."  And then she immediately dumps on him.

10)"Ryan's dad."  "It's complicated." "Yeah. Dads are. So I've heard."

11)"I am your pilot now."  Creepy stuff.

12)"I always think I'm rid of them. Never am."  After thousands of years of them always coming back, why do you ever think that?

13)I like how Aaron takes time out from reconciling with his son to try to sell his oven.

14)"I learned to think like a Dalek a long time ago."

15)"Recon scout" - that's new.

16)"All humanity is my prisoner now."   Even for a Dalek, that's pretty arrogant, especially with the Devil Herself right there.

17)"I think it's laughing".  I think that's our first Dalek laugh ever.

18)"UNIT operations have been suspended pending review."  That's some Plot Convenience Playhouse BS, right there.

19) Tip #2 for living in the Whoniverse:  Never be an extra in a Dalek story.

20)The scene of Lin building the Dalek shell is a nice parallel to the scene of the Doctor making the sonic screwdriver in "The Woman Who Fell to Earth".

21)Considering how poorly the modern soldiers do, how did the medieval guys beat this thing?

22)Oh, you're good, Ryan's dad. You're almost making up for your parenting deficit."

23)"What do we do?" "I suppose we'll have to have a conversation." "What?"  SOCIAL COMMENTARY!

24)"You are not my commander! "

25)Be funny if they'd brought the recon Dalek back to the fleet, and the other Daleks had said, "Yes, we know the Earth's there, you idiot, we've invaded it a bunch of times!"

Overall: An OK episode. It's hard to come up with something new for the Daleks to do after all these years.

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