Doctor Who Reactions: "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel" (SPOILERS)

1)So, now we get the new show's take on the Cybermen, in conjunction with the return of Peter Tyler.  Certainly, the use of a parallel world is an acceptable science fiction way to bring back a dead character.  On the other hand, I wasn't too wild at the time - I think I'm still not - about the fact that the Cybermen were strongly tied to the other Earth.  I liked "our" universe's Cybermen, and would've preferred to see them brought back in some way. That said, I do like the design of the new Cybermen, and the way they are presented here. Davros Jr.  Lumic was a bit overdone as a character, although he did have some good moments. I wasn't wild about the way he just let the Doctor drone on towards the end - didn't he remotely suspect that the Doctor was up to something?There were some nice shout-outs to the old show, the "International Electromatics" truck, particularly.


2)A good performance by Shaun Dingwall as Pete - interesting to see that financial success hasn't made him and Jackie any happier together.  I liked the scene at the end with Rose where he just can't meeting the Daughter he never had.


3)Interesting that the parallel universe that the parallell universe ha sits own version of Torchwood (also apparently its own versions of Scooby-Doo and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", as well). Makes you wonder if it has its own answer to the Doctor also.


4)Nice outfit on parallel Jackie, there - warms my aging heart.


5)I particularly liked the Doctor's reaction to the fact that the parallel Tylers' dog was called "Rose".  Makes you wonder if they still had the dog after the events of "Doomsday", and if they had to re-name it.


6)"My official biography says I was born on the same day as Cuba Gooding, Jr."

"February the first, Mum's birthday."

Hmm, so parallel Cuba Gooding, Jr. was born a month later. Or, maybe someone saw his birthdate as "1/2/68" and forgot that Americans list dates "month/day/year" instead of "day/month/year".


7)Lots of good creepiness in this - the shot of Lumic's factory was very "Mordor". Also, the scene in the tunnel and the encoutner with Sally Phelan, and "My name was Jacqueline Tyler".


8)Liked Don Warrington as the President - believable as an authority figure. Good actor.


9)A very good story for Noel Clarke, as we finally see Mickey come into his own, and get his own back a little for the way the Doctor and Rose have trampled on him over the years. I liked the scene with Mickey and his grandmother. And we finally got a pay-off on the "Mickey"/"Ricky" business. A good parting scene, as well. "Good luck - Mickey the idiot."


10)Cliffhanger (for "Rise of the Cybermen"):  The Cybermen surround the Doctor and friends, shouting "Delete" at them!

  1. I'm not wild about "Delete!" as a battlecry for the Cybermen. It's too much like trying to give them their own "Exterminate!" for my tastes.
  2. I'm also not wild about the way this cliffhanger was resolved, with the sudden surprise reveal that the magic crystal can be used to zap the Cybermen.  It's a little too "a wizard did it" for me.


11)Some Fun Quotes:

  • "And how will you do that from beyond the grave?"
  • "Or maybe our Lucy's just a bit thick."
  • "You are rogue elements."  For some reason, my brain interpreted this as "You are rogue elephants", which would be an interesting line to have there.
  • "I've told you - I will only upgrade with my last breath." "Then breathe no more."
  • "We attack on three sides - above, between, below." A callback to "The Five Doctors".
  • "He will rewarded by force."
  • "Got a logo on the front - Lumic's turned them into a brand."
  • "That's the Doctor. In the TARDIS. With Rose Tyler."
  • "I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck."


Overall:  I quite enjoyed this. I've always preferred the Cybermen to the Daleks, and it was good to see them come back well.  Good character development, too - especially for Mickey.

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"Makes you wonder if it has its own answer to the Doctor also."

Well...not yet, anyway. ;)

Roger Lloyd Pack, who played John Lumic in this story, has died

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