Doctor Who Reactions: "Terror of the Zygons" (SPOILERS)

Part One:

1)This story has the feel of a Pertwee story - sor tof a capper to the "UNIT Era".


2)It was amusing seeing the Doctor done up for the Highlands, and their reaction to the Brigadier in a kilt. "Sorry. I thought you were doing a Doctor."  "What an absurd idea."


3)I like the design of both the Zygons and their technology - a real "alien" feel to it. their world-conquering plan is kind of lame, though, especially since they apparenlty took seven hundred years to come up with it.


4)Cliffhanger: A Zygon molests Sarah!


Part Two:

1)Why does the Zygon change back to its own form to lock up the Doctor and Sarah?


2)Also, I'm not so sure you can hypnotize someone into not needing to breahte.


3)The Doctor's moan when he's in the decompression chamber is creepy. "Oh, just a trick I picked up from a Tibetan monk."


4)The Skarasen is sufficiently goofy.  It has a tendency to look like a hairless puppy.


5)"What was I doing on the floor?"  I've asked that question myself, once or twice.


6)I like how the UNIT troopers take orders from Sarah.


7)Cliffhanger: The Skarasen chases down the Doctor!


Part Three:

1)I like the bit with the Doctor mimicking the Duke.


2)"I'm not a party to any kind of nonsense , Your Grace."  Hah!


3)Angus Lennie dies horribly in everything  I've seen him in.


4)I also like the bit where Sarah sticks out her tongue at the Caber.


5)"Tonight on Plot Convenience Playhouse, the first book Sarah selects opens the secret door."


6)"Sounds liek the Brigadier."


7)Cliffhanger: The Zygon ship takes off!


Part Four:

1)"Very good! Very good! Almost impressive."


2)"Isn't it a bit large for just about six of you?"  Say what you will about CGI effects, but at least with the new series, you can actually occasionally see armies of aliens, instead of just hearing about them.


3)"Yes, madam." the idea of a female prime minister was apparently hysterically funny when this was made.  Perhaps not so funny, now.


4)"I underestimated his intelligence, but he underestimated the power of organic crystallography."  Well, I can see where you might.


5)"Was that bang big enough for you, Brigadier?"


6)This is the one where Harry leaves at the end.  Ian Marter was a good actor, and I was sorry to see him go, but in the end, there wasn't thought to be enough for him to do.


Overall:  An enjoyable story from one of my favorite eras in the show's history.


NOTE:  Below I will speculate about the upcoming 50th anniversary story.  I won't be discussing anything that hasn't already been announced publically, but if you've been avoiding all that stuff, go no further...


spoiler space


spoiler space


spoiler space


spoiler space


spoiler space


spoiler space


spoiler space


It has been announced that the Zygons will be appearing in the upcoming 50th anniversary story, to be titled "Day of the Doctor".  Since the Zygons are shape-shifters, I wonder if our Steven is go to try and swerve us, and have the "Tenth Doctor" and "Rose" that appear actually be Zygons posing as them for some reason...



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Scroll down here for an image advertising the serial that was drawn for the Radio Times by the British comics artist Frank Bellamy.

Edit: This article has links at its end to images of the original two-page article, and of a timetable page for which Bellamy provided a further illustration.

I've seen Bellamy's work before. He's really quite good.

Did you notice the article currently on the right of the Radio Times page about the discovery of missing episodes? There's a newspaper article on the story here (adult content warning - the link is to the Daily Mirror) that I'm linking to because I want to say: I didn't know that was a wig!

I've seen that story a number of places. It's been rumored for a while now, but the stories seem a bit more credible these days.  I'm very curious to see what episodes have been found,.

One of my favorites from the first time I saw it (in mid-1979)!

I changed by error the first link in my first above post, which was originally to here.

Wow, the last [complete] Doctor Who serial to be released on DVD! Of course there are still many episodes of missing (or partially missing) serials which could be animated, and with the recent (or rather forthcoming, I should say) announcement about lost episodes found, hope springs.

We watched part one of “Zygons” last night. I agree it has a bit of a “Pertwee era” feel to it. The Doctor shojld have recognized a kilt, for heaven’s sake! Remember Jamie? (I know… he was just putting the Brig on.) Yeah, the Zygon tech is very alien, now that you mention it.

I skipped reading your 50th anniversary speculations, BTW. I already learned one thing about the plot (quite by accident) and I wish I hadn’t. Soon, soon…

I just wanted the speculations to be on the record in case I'm right, or humorously wrong.

The new show has a reputation for mixing classic “monsters” with original ones, but the old show has quite a few original, “one-off” monsters as well, the Zygons being one such example. If I were the BBC decision maker behind the DVD release schedule, I might not have released the raspy Zygons right after the equally raspy Ice Warriors.

Speaking of the Zygons’ “alien” technology, there was a thingy in episode four (which we watched Saturday night) that looked like a chocolate donut with shredded cheese melted on top. We had some taco fixin’s in the fridge, so Sunday morning I went to our LDS (Local Donut Shop) and and bought some chocolate donuts. When I got back home, I sprinkled one with shredded cheese and popped it in the microwave for 10 or 15 seconds. Tracy wouldn’t try it, but it wasn’t bad!

You live a rich life, don't you, Jeff.  ;)

"I can't complain, but sometimes I still do

Life's been good to me so far."


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