Episode One:

1)Now, those are shoulder pads!


2)Why are they all wearing curtains around their waists?


3)The Island of Death!  Great name for a vacation spot! Still,. I visited Death Valley, once.


4)Wow, the TARDIS prop is really beat up.


5)"There's nothing unpleasant on Dulkis."  Maybe they should've gone to Excitinkis, instead.


6)Cliffhanger #1: "Shall we destroy?"


7)I always thought the Quarks were goofy-looking. Apparently, there were hopes that they would replace the Daleks when Terry Nation took his ball and went home. Uh, no.


Episode Two:

8)"Signs of recent rapid learning"


9)I see - Cully is the Norrin Radd of Dulkis.


10)"Do you enjoy being treated like a clown?"


11)"Just act stupid. Do you think you can manage that?"


12)Cliffhanger #2: Zoe and Cully are trapped!


Episode Three:

13)Ah, Zoe...smart, fiesty and cute!


14)"Oh, dear, you've got me there."


15)"Better do nothing than do the wrong thing."


16)Troughton and Hines were a great comedy team.


17)Cliffhanger #3: Jamie and Cully are trapped!


Episode Four:

18)Wow, the Dominators are bitchy.


19)Jamie's clever enough when he's planning a fight.


20)"Take this, you wee tin kettle!"


21)Maybe they could just let the Dominators conquere these people.


22)Cliffhanger #4: "Answer or you will die!"


Episode Five:

23)"It's important to keep the enemy guessing."


24)These Quarks have lousy batteries, they run out of energy so quickly.


25)"It's so simple, only you could've thought of it."


26)Ah, an early appearance of the sonic screwdriver!


27)I suppose that female Dominators are Dominatrixes?


28)He's worried about a volcano? This must've been before the TARDIS was indestructible.


This was an OK story, largely saved by the interplay between the TARDIS crew, particularly the Doctor and Jamie.


According to the extras, this was something of a trouble-plagued story, with disputes between the writers and the producers, and tension between the actors - especially Wendy Padbury - and director Morris Barry. The problem with the writers is apparently why this was a rare five-part story.


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It’s really quite laughable that the Quarks were intended to be as popular as the Daleks.

I had the same thought (“curtains”) about the male costumes. (Scarlett O’Hara did a much better job of making clothing out of drapery.) The female costumes were a bit more intriguing: a sort of go-go combination of bathing suit and negligee. The Dominators’ costumes are the best, though. I like to think that when they took them off, their bodies are shaped like that. I wonder if whoever designed the Sontarans had the same thought…?

Tracy made a similar comment about the state of the TARDIS when it first appeared, and she really got a kick out of the line, ““Oh, dear, you’ve got me there.”

Is “Tomorrow’s Times” a new DVD extras feature? I don’t remember having seen one before, but the opening seems to suggest it will be used for multiple Doctors going forward, the way the “Stripped for Action” comic book feature is. I hope so. Helps provide popular historical context.
Dunno about "Tomorrow's Times" - certainly, I'd like to see more of them.

BB: 11)"Just act stupid. Do you think you can manage that?"

Great line, that one.

BB: 16)Troughton and Hines were a great comedy team.


JOEJ: Scarlett O’Hara did a much better job of making clothing out of drapery.

For that matter, so did Carol Burnett.

Thanks for reminding me this one's out now!

I thought this one started very strong. Because it was cut down to five episodes an extra episode was added at short notice to the start of The Mind Robber.

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