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I watched this one for the second time over the weekend. It’s kind of silly when you know in advance that Bennett is Koquillon all along, isn’t it? If it had been revealed in part one that Bennett was a psychopathic killer, perhaps the scenes of him interacting with Vicki and the others would have held more tension. I still haven't forgiven Barbara for killing Vicki's pet, Sandy. At least they didn’t try to stretch two episodes of story into a four-parter. Too bad Dorothea had not jet joined the Doctor by the time of this adventure. They could have titled it “Dodo on Dido.”
"My name is Vicki Winters. Even as morning has come to Didowood, the arrival of the three mysterious strangers has increased the tension in the great rocket ship on the hill."

They could have titled it “Dodo on Dido.”

I may never forgive you for that.

Thinking of it first, I mean.

The most recent time I watched this, the scene in Part Two where The Doctor confronts the villain struck me as the EXACT moment when The Doctor really became the "hero" of the series. 


With Susan no longer around for him to worry about, it seems to me this may be the first time we got a real glimpse of what he was like before he found himself watching out for her.

Watched this last night, thoughts as below:


The Powerful Enemy:

1)I like how the rocket had a Union Jack on it - maybe an outrider from Starship UK?


2)I was never all that overwhelmed by Vicki as a character. Nothing against O'Brien, it's just the character never appealed to me all that much. She was too ordinary - she lacked Ford's otherworldliness and Lane's subsequent brass.


3)Koquillion is unmistakably a Cusick creation. I gather that this story and "The Romans" were filmed as though they were a single six-parter.


4)Some fun quotes:

  • "But the Doctor's never slept through a landing before."
  • "But, Doctor, the trembling's stopped." "Oh, my dear, I'm so glad you're feeling better."
  • "Remember I can hear what you're saying."
  • "I wonder if I was to tell Ian it was deliberate whether he'd believe me or not?"
  • "It's a pity I didn't get that degree."  Oh, he's probsbly not even really a doctor at all! ;)


5)Cliffhanger: Ian is pushed toward the edge!


Desperate Measures

1)Slaughtering someone's beloved pet is probably not the best way to make a good first impression.


2)Well, the Doctor saw through Bennett pretty quickly, didn't he. The scene where he confronts Bennett is quite good - very atmospheric and it gives a good sense of how formidable an intelligence the Doctor is. Of course, even Ian and Barabara would likely be more than a match for Bennett after what they've seen. Talk about overkill - Bennett's running his deranged little scam, and along come the most dangerous people in the universe, and twenty-five minutes later, he's done.


3)"He wouldn't go off without telling us." Sure, he would.


4)Cliffhanger: The TARDIS falls off a cliff!



Not bad, for what is basically just a vehicle for introducing the new girl.



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