Doctor Who Reactions: "The Gunfighters" (SPOILERS)

"A Holiday for the Doctor":

1)Ah, yes, "Doctor Who and the Questionable 'American' Accents"...


2)"Doctor Caligari." "Doctor Who".


3)"Mr. Werp." For some reason, I find that gag endlessly amusing.


4)He can face down armies of Daleks, but he's afraid to go to the dentist!  Not that I blame him.


5)"I never touch alcohol." "Well, I do."


6)"I certainly disapprove of violence."


7)"Let's hope the piano knows it."


8)Cliffhanger: Steven sings at gunpoint!


"Don't Shoot the Pianist":

9)"The Clanton Brothers - oh, dear. I mean, eh, how do you do?"


10)Hartnell is quite good in this.


11)"Well, I don't have no gun."  "Exactly! That's the whole point, isn't it?"


12)"People keep giving me guns and I do wish they wouldn't."


13)Cliffhanger: The Clantons threaten to lynch Steven!


"Johnny Ringo":

14)I gotta find a good book about what actually did happen at the O.K. Corral.


15)"He gave me a gun, he extracted my tooth - good gracious me, what more do you want?"


16)"Ringo!"  This must be from before he became a drummer.


17)"I shall try not to kill you. I shall aim for your arm."


18)Cliffhanger:  The Clantons kill Warren Earp!


"The O.K. Corral":

19)Deputy Doc!


20)"I'm sorry, Johnny." 


21)"Ringo was here." "And?" "He ain't no more."


22)I really wish the new show would do a "pure" historical, just once, just to see what it would be like.


23)Cliffhanger:  A primitive-looking type clambers over a rock, or something!


Overall:  For a serial that for many years had a reputation as one of the worst stoies the old show ever did, this was quite fun.  I enjoyed this and would have no problem watching it again. 

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I couldn't find a book specifically about the gunfight at the OK Corral, so I'm reading Wyatt Earp, by Casey Tefertiller.
Apparently the scripts for THE MYTH MAKERS included humorous episode titles, but the producer rejected them.  One of them was "Is There A Doctor in The Horse?"

On the commentary track, Peter Purves notes that one simillarity between "The Myth Makers" and "The Gunfighters"  is that they were both comedies up until the very end, when people started getting killed right, left and center.

I liked the extra feature on the DVD which ran through the last year of Hartnell's Doctor Who, many of the stories minning ones. Having just listened to audio versions of those episodes recently, it was nice that they were still fresh in my mind. We did follow up "The Ginfighters" with "Spectre of the Gun," but I was mistaken in my belief that tracy and I hadn't watched it together before. All of the episodes I have shown her are from the first season, but I had forgotten we watched a few of the ones with enhanced special effects when they were broadcast on TV. She was a good sport about it, though, and didn't object... not too strenuously, anyway.

I've heard or read that comment elsewhere recently -- that modern video clarity highlights little faults (like masking tape on the TARDIS console) that contemporary viewers would never have seen.

I can't remember if it was audio commentary, but I believe it was.  Oh what the heck -- let's just say Peter Purves said it.

Jeff of Earth-J said:
 We did follow up "The Ginfighters" with "Spectre of the Gun," but I was mistaken in my belief that tracy and I hadn't watched it together before.
I KNOW this is a typo but I had to laugh when it caught my eye.
I believe that was the original working title of "The Untouchables."
Arrgh! I even caught that same typo in an earlier response and corrected it before I posted!

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