Doctor Who Reactions: "The Creature from the Pit" (SPOILERS)

Part One:

1)Ah, yes, the David Brierley K-9. He does OK, but he's no John Leeson.


3)"I suppose you could say the yoke's on him..."

4)"Listen to that hirsute moron."

5)"Sit." Romana kicks arse.

6)"By the pyramids, imagine the size of its mummy!"

7)Cliffhanger #1: The Doctor jumps down the pit!

Part Two:

8)"It's in Tibetan!" So? Can't you read any language? I sense the hand of Douglas Adams in that joke.

9)Scraps is a boy blob!

10)"...the present apologized for."

11)Cliffhanger #2: Scraps sits on the Doctor!

Part Three:

12)I don't think you're supposed to talk into that, Doctor...

13)"What sign were you born under?" "Crossed Computers." "Crossed what?"
"Computers. It's the symbol of the maternity service on Gallifrey."

14)Cliffhanger #3: Scraps gets its thing back!

Part Four:

15)"It's just the ravings of a demented space tramp." Well, yes.

16)"She's tipped the ambassador into a pit and thrown astrologers at him!"

My memory of this before watching it is that it was an OK story, but not one of my favorites. I think I still pretty much feel that way.

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Something I didn't realize early-on was that Organon, the sooth-sayer, was played by Geoffrey Bayldon.  As it happens, he was considered for the part of The Doctor-- back in 1963.  He turned it down because, he said, he was tired of playing "much older characters".  Several years later, he was in the running to play The Doctor in THE FIVE DOCTORS-- but JNT nixed it, because-- and I find this utterly absurd-- he felt viewers would too closely connect him with the character he played opposite Jon Pertwee on WORZEL GUMMIDGE.  (You can also see the two of them together in THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, it's Bayldon who sells Pertwee "The Cloak".)


You can see an example of his playing older characters in the Hammer HORROR OF DRACULA, where he plays the hotel manager opposite Peter Cushing.  Cushing was much older than Bayldon, yet in the scene, Bayldon LOOKS much older than Cushing!  (Cushing, of course, would go on to play his own version of "The Doctor"-- heh.)  Both Cushing & Bayldon were also in FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, but didn't have any scenes together.  Bayldon played the "Police Doctor" who was browbeaten by Thorley Walters' abrasive Police Inspector.  By rights, those two characters SHOULD have shown up for the climax of the movie!

This has always been one of the silliest stories in the show's history. Yet, I've always enjoyed watching it. Which is more than I can say for most of Peter Davsion's run.

Adrasta's greed & lust for wealth and power to not only the total exclusion of everyone else's needs but to the eventual destruction of everyone else somehow, in a scary way, makes this story seem a few decades ahead of its time. Because it seems to reflect what's been going on, more and more, in the last 10 years.

Amazing how Lalla Ward can be nicer and sweeter than Mary Tamm and yet at other moments, even MORE "imperial". (More of that coming in "NIMON".)

David Brierly's "okay", but that's as far as I'll go. WHY did John Leeson depart, anyway? Hell. I could "do" a better John Leeson "K-9" than Brierly.

"Everest in Easy Stages", "It's in Tibetan!", "Teach Yourself Tibetan". As Harry Hoo liked to say... "Amazing!"

Adrasta seems to have walked off an episode of Adam West's BATMAN. Her delivery of lines gets more absurd the longer it goes on. Her sidekick seems to be channeling Betty Davis!

I never thought "Jewish" thieves. I thought they stepped out of MONTY PYTHON. And to think, until this month, I never even realized Douglas Adams had worked on the show.

Organon (Geoffrey Bayldon) steals the show. Just had a thought tonight... WHAT IF when Baker found himself down in that mine, he'd suddenly run into William Hartnell's Doctor (from some point before "UNEARTHLY CHILD")? I suspect if anybody could have reduced Baker's Doctor to "second fiddle", it would have been "the original".

According to Wikipedia this was the story from the season that was made first. I think Lalla Ward was imitating Mary Tamm's performance as Romana for at least part of it.

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