Doctor Who Reactions: "The Ambassadors of Death" (SPOILERS)

Episode One:

1)"By David Whitaker" (as largely re-written by Terrance Dicks and Mac Hulke)


2)Of course, the really fantastic part of this is the idea that Britain could afford a space program!


3)Michael "Davros" Wisher plays the TV reporter.


4)The Doctor starts off quite abrasive in this - still upset about the Silurians, apaprently.


5)"Don't kill anyone unless absolutely necessary."  And if there's no one watching.


6)The UNIT boys are having way more trouble fighting these guys than they ought to be.


7)Cliffhanger #1: Taltalian pulls a gun on the Doctor and Liz!


Episode Two:

1)I notice they're reprising the cliffhanger  from the previous episode in the new episode's opening credits - I don't recall them doing that in any other story.


2)"That was simply transmigration of object."  Yeah, I call b.s. on that.


3)"Tracking report form Massachusetts."  This is one of the first episods of this I ever saw, when I was still in grade school, and I recall being extremely pleased that Massachusetts had been mentioned in Doctor Who.


4)"What is the capital of Australia?" "We are not cleared for re-entry." No, I'm sorry, it's "Canberra".


5)Cliffhanger #2: The Doctor says to cut the capsule open!


Episode Three:

1)Carrington might as well wear an "I'm a traitor" button.


2)Liz gets a nice chase scene in this one.


3)Cliffhanger #3: Liz goes over the side of the bridge!


Episode Four:

1)"I didn't expect them to be dancing a jig." that would be interesting, though.


2)Why are they still letting Taltalian run around loose?  Doesn't "pulling a gun on someone" automatically disquality from being trusted?


3)"My dear man, I've spent more time in space than any astronaut on your staff." Yeah, 'cause he's gonna take that seriously.


4)Cliffhanger #4: The alien reaches out to touch the Doctor!


Episode Five:

1)"It's all right. I won't hurt you."  Hurt him, Liz, hurt him!


2)Cliffhanger #5: An unknown spacecraft approaches!


Episode Six:

1)The aliens sound kind of like the Siulrians. Of course, they really only had one "alien voice" in thse days.


2)"A bogus company with an address that doesn't even exist."  Apparently it's easier to get ahold of isotopes than I thought.


3)No wonder the aliens wear those helmets all the time - they're kind of goofy-looking without them.


4)Cliffhanger #6: Carrington pulls a gun on the Doctor!


Episode Seven:

1)Everyone in this seems to be somewhat chuckleheaded - goodies, baddies, even the aliens. Walking into obvious traps, trusitng the wrong people, and so on.


2)The Brigadier's fight scene is kind of fakey - it's a little too obvious that they're not hitting one another that hard.


3)Not wild about Liz's outfit in this - the late 60's/early 70's were a strange time.


4)And we end with the Doctor taking of fand leavignthe clean-up work to everyone else.



Actually, not too bad of a story. A little long, as with most seven-parters, but not too padded.


[Part of list of Doctor Who episodes here.]


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That's my count. And audio versions of the final five missing Second Doctor stories will be available next month.

A couple of things of note for me: I just noticed watching the DVD this weekend, the call letters on the helicopter that attacks in the scene where the baddies get the capsule: G-AWFL or God Awful? I just found that really funny when I noticed it. Secondly, Previews REALLY aren't kidding when they say that stuff may be available in other stores before Diamond is ready to ship. They have it listed for December release and I just picked it up at HMV on Thursday (followed by a quick call to the LCS to cancel my order with him for it. Hey, I support the local guy but I'd rather not wait 2 months for something I can pick up in 20 minutes) ;)

I use Previews to clue me in to what the newest release will be, but then I check online to find out when it will actually be available. (I noticed that "G-AWFL," too.)

Fair enough. I am living in a mostly francophone area here in Quebec so not much in the way of back stock & often Best Buy (which is the other place I get my DVDs from) will put the original series in TV series or movies so you never know where to find them, IF they even order the new releases. I have known my LCS for quite a few years & he has been good with getting me all my stuff so I try to give as much business to him as I can. This is the first time I have seen the delay this dramatic. Usually it will be just a week or two difference so I give the sale to the LCS. PLUS he has given me a line of credit when I have needed it in the past. You can't beat that! :)

You know what we've lost over time?  The thrill that even the idea of space travel gave to people in the late '60s and early '70s.

I have no other explanation for how anyone could have watched endless hours of NASA engineers in Mission Control and thought "That would be perfect for a 7-episode Doctor Who story!!!"  Because, obviously, someone did. 

And marrying that to visual and musical homages to 2001: A Space Odyssey makes this just one huge flashback to when I was 6 years old.


I know what you mean. I watched the Apollo missions avidly.  I don't even know what we're doing in space now.

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