Last night I broke out my copy of the first "Lost in Time" disk, which contains surviving episodes and other bits and pieces of various lost stories.  Among the things on the disk are the first and third episodes of this story, as well as copies of the audio tracks for the second and fourth episodes. So last night and this morning I watched/listened to this story.


The Lion

1)I must get a good book about the Crusades, another period of history that I know little about.


2)I gather getting Julian Glover to play Richard was something of a big deal at the time.  He coems across as a bit of a scenery-chewer, but he's mostly OK.


3)The Doctor seems pretty shifty here, cheerfully stealing clothes to wear.


4)Cliffhanger: Richard refuses to help rescue Barbara!


The Knight of Jaffa (Audio Only)

1)"By my father's name, you have wit, old man!:"


2)Joanna is the first Jean Marsh's three appearances on the show - two with Hartnell and one with McCoy.  She is, as always, quite formidable here.


3)I'm totally not buying that anyone believed for one second that Vicki was a boy.  No have way.


4)"We dub you 'Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa'."


5)"I almost wish I'd been knighted, too." "That'll be the day."  You'll have to wait a few lifetimes for that, Doc.


6)Cliffhanger: (It's hard to tell form just the soundtrack, but it sounds as though...) ...Someone is breathing heavily after doing something to a chicken!


The Wheel of Fortune

1)We start out with Barbara on the lam, so I guess she was the person breathing heavily last episode. No sign of a chicken, though.


2)Some fun quotes:

  • "Two heads without the brains of one!"
  • "There's something new in you, yet something older than the sky itself."
  • "But when you men of eloquence have stunned each other with your words, we the soldiers have to face it out."


3)Cliffhanger: Barbara is brought before El Akir!


The Warlords (Audio Only)

1)"Ibrahim" certainly sounds like he's overacting.


2)It's hard to tell form just the sounds how Ian gets free, but I'm sure it was ingenious.  I certianly liked Ian's little ruse at the end to get the Doctor away from Leicester.


3)"I must say I think you've earned a good knight's sleep."


4)Cliffhanger: Something is wrong with the TARDIS!



An OK historical - maybe not their best effort, but it's hard to past judgement with the only half the story available.


[Part of list of Doctor Who episodes here.]

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