Got to watch this as it was broadcast, for once. Some thoughts:

  • The regeneration teases got old after a while. Went to that well once too often.
  • Some of the scenes with the half-converted Cybermen were creepy.  "Pain."
  • The Master and Missy backstabbing one another was well-done.  If this was the end for the character, it wouldn't bother me that much. Gomez has said that this is definitely the end for her, but I'm sure that Chibnall or someone successor will bring the character back when they're ready.
  • I didn't foresee Heather showing up - almost a literal deus ex machina - to save Bill. It's not a bad departure, but I'll miss Bill, and Nardole, as well, although the door is open for either of them to reappear.
  • I didn't see Mickey, Rory or Strax in the "companion  montage".
  • Lots of callbacks to previous Cyberadventures, and to previous regenerations.
  • Cliffhanger:  It's David Bradley dressed up as the First Doctor!  I'd heard rumors that they might do this. Not sure how enthusiastic I am about it.

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I agree with most of the points above Mr Baron sir.

The regeneration naturally overshadowed everything and I felt the episode itself dragged - ranks of marching Cybermen are hardly new.

The Heather 'twist' failed to convince as Bill never seemed to muss her much for there to be such s bond and I too am fed up of all the Doctor's ex companions running around loose in the Universe. 

With Cybermen armies and companions going on their own trips along with delayed regenerations and more of the Doctor not wanting to change never mind the bickerng between Master/Missy everything felt very well-trodden.

I thought/hoped there may be a twist where Missy was NOT a female regeneration of the Master and had been a brainwashed female via the Master's ring from Tennant's day but the gender swap was sdo centre stage I think a female Doctor is becvomming inevitable - if unnecessary.

Indeed the most Original point was that guest appearance at the end which I found myself smiling through and enjoying. 

Capaldii as the Doctor had promise but with Complex-Clara eclipsing his early stuff and comedy-old person writing for mist it has only been a few glimpses this series of the driven, serious and competent Doctor he could have been - too late to fully form Hus own character. 

Not as serious as Pertwee, Not as zany as Matt Smith, etc etc. Not quite a unique doctor.

Actually I think I'd love to see a 'new' series featuring David Bradley as the First Doctor!!??

I'm not a fan of everything Steven Moffett has done with Doctor Who, but I do like some of the old "mosters" he has brought back that Russell T. Davies wasn't interested in, such as the Ice Warriors and these earliest (and creepiest) Cybermen. I like the nod to the fact that the Cybermen have had multiple origin stories over the years. And I'm really jazzed about the prospect of seeing the First Doctor interract with the (by my count) Thirteenth. December seems like a long time away, but untill then it's back to the audios for me.

"Not sure how enthusiastic I am about it."

I remain quite enthusiastic about it. Over the past couple of days we re-watched "The Tenth Planet" and am looking forward to the Christmas special revealing some "behind-the-scenes" details about that first regeneration.

Fannish Speculation I Have Heard (This is ONLY SPECULATION!):  

The Bradley Doctor's appearance is only a figment of the Capaldi Doctor's imagination as he fights off regeneration.  The entire episode will take place within the Capaldi Doctor's mind, and will have a sort of "It's a Wonderful Life"/"A Christmas Carol" sort o thing going on as the Doctor reviews his life before giving in to regeneration at the end.

That would be disappointing.

It would be very cliche's.
Very Christmas Day on British TV
Very obvious and rather dull.

Sounds definate to me!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

That would be disappointing.

Ebenezer Whooge?

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