Doctor Who Reactions: "The Mind of Evil" (SPOILERS)

Episode One:

1)I laughed out loud at the Doctor mugigng for the security camera.


2)"It always happens when sentences are being carried out." Apparently, this was true back when the UK still had the death penalty.


3)"Today's the first ever World Peace Conference."  I'd forgotten how much 70's Doctor Who seemed convinced that World War Three was imminent.


4)The first appearance of Corporal Bell.


5)Captain Chin-Lee was played by the writer's wfie, who taught Pertwee how to say his Chinese dialogue.  None of this business about the TARDIS translating things, here!


6)"...And I have been for several thousand..." He was so much older then, when he was young.


7)Cliffhanger #1: The Keller Machine attacks the Doctor!


8)Doctor Summers was Michael Sheard! I didn't recognize him.


Episode Two:

9)Odd seeing the Doctor all fear-stricken.


10)A callback to "Inferno".


11)"You're too delicate for intelligence work, Benton. You'd better go and lie down."


12)"If  you've quite finished grinning like a Cheshire Cat, Captain Yates!"  The Brig's all tetchy!


13)"Actually, I fear my Hokkien is somewhat rusty."  Put some Three-in-One Oil on it.


14)"I remember once having a conversation with Tse-Tung." Oh, shut up.


15)Cliffhanger #2: The Keller Machine attacks the American delegate!


Episode Three:

16)The Senator's greatest fear is a dragon puppet!


17)"You've got any sense, you'll get some beddy-byes."  Yeah, OK.


18)"Prison reform is high on our list of priorities in Peking."  Comedy!


19)Jo breaks up a prison riot!  She's come a long way.


20)Lots of violence in this. You'd never see people getting shot like this in the new show.


21)"You'll do nothing, or I'll put a bullet through both your hearts."


22)The bit with the missile is a bit plot contrivance-y.


23)Delgado conveys very well that the Master is really nuts.


24)Cliffhanger #3:  The Keller Machine attacks the Doctor again!


25)The Doctor's greatest fear is the Daleks.


Episode Four:

26)Whereas the Master's greatest fear is the Doctor laughing at him.


27)I like the dissolve from the Doctor to the Master.


28)"The deadliest threat to makind since the beginning of time."  That's a bit of an exaggeration.


29)"You were trianed to use those things. They only make me nervous."


30)Cliffhanger #4: The Keller Machine attacks the Doctor, Jo amd Mailer!


Episode Five:

31)"I'm more used to playing three-dimensional chess." A match between the Doctor and Spock would be interesting.


32)"I discharged myself."  Eww!


33)Also odd seeing the Master all panicky.


34)"I shared a cell with a very strange chap called Raleigh." Yeah, yeah, you've met everyone, whatever.


35)Amusing seeing the Brigadier trying to be a laborer.


36)Cliffhanger #5: Somebody fires a gun somewhere near the Doctor!


Episode Six:

37)"Do you think for once in your life you could manage to arrive before the nick of time?" "I'm glad to see you, too, Doctor."


38)I think this might be the only one where we see the Master smoke.


39)"Don't get any delusions of grandeur, will you?"


40)"Go somewhere else and be a nuisance elsewhere."


41)How do they blow the missile up without turning all the nerve gas loose?


42)And the Master gets his TARDIS thingy back...



An OK story. As with many of the Pertwee Era longer stories, it could easily have been whittled down to a four-parter.

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The first four cliffhangers all involve the Keller machine zapping someone.


My recollection is the sequence at the end where the Master phones the Doctor is the first time we see him in his costume rather than a suit.


I think I've read that the sequence where the UNIT soldiers raid the prison was done with the help of the army, required much preparation, and was very expensive.


Wikipedia's page on Carnival of Monsters says the one seen on the scope screen in that serial and the one the Doctor sees at the end of episode three of this serial were the only Cyberman appearances during the Pertwee era.

Yeah, Pertwee never really fought the Cybermen during his tenure. He ran away from them during one of his segments of "The Five Doctors", but that was about it.


I'm pretty sure this completes all of the Pertwee stories on DVD.  The only Tom Baker story that I can think of that hasn't been released yet is "Terror of the Zygons".  Not sure what the hold-up is on that one, unless they saving it to lard it up with tributes to Nicholas Courtney and/or Elisabeth Sladen.  The Zygons are supposed to appear in the 50th anniversary story - maybe they're saving it up for then.

Back in the mid-70's most of the stuff I saw in the science fiction genre involved a nuclear of some sort. Everyone seemed so certain that it was going to happen.

The Doctor was a total ASS in episode one. (Tracy said he was channeling his inner Sixth Doctor.)

I usually enjoy the “Then & Now” features (kind of like travelling in time, wot?), but in this case the setting has changed so little it was hardly worth it.

The writer’s wife not only taught the Doctor his Chinese lines, but the other Chinese actor as well. She said in one of the interviews that she could barely understand what he was saying, though.

This probably is the only time the master is seen smoking because one of the extras noted that Delgado hated cigars.

I really enjoyed this one, perhaps because the wait between releases has grown so long and the knowledge that there’s only one left to be released. I checked the “Upcoming Releases” feature in hope that “Terror of the Zygons” might be imminent, but the next one up is a remastered Blu-Ray edition of “Spearhead from Space.” It looks as if they’ve done a really good job, but I think I’ll content myself with what I have.

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