Doctor Who Reactions: "The Power of Three" (SPOILERS)

1)"Invasion of the very small cubes - that's new."


2)"Ten years"  - Ten years since when?  Ten years since fish fingers and custard?  Or ten years since Amy started traveling with the Doctor? At the end of the Narnia one, Amy said it had been two years since she saw him last, presumably during "The Wedding of River Song." More on this when I discuss "The Angels Take Manhattan".


3)"There are soldiers all over my house and I'm in my pants."  Is it really UNIT* policy to send in the Marines whenever they detect artron energy?  Do they never consider a subtler approach?


4)I like Kate Stewart, she's a fun character, I hope they use her again. "Yes, I've got officers trained in beheading. Also, ravens of death."


5)"Zygon ship under the Savoy..."  When the hell is "Terror of the Zygons" coming out on disk?



This approaches near-Morrisonian levels of incoherent gibberish,  without our Grant's ability to make incoherent gibberish entertaining.  The Shakri plan seems unnecessarily complicated and is fairly easily reversed, with the Doctor essentially undoing their attack by going to their ship and pressing the reverse button. The whole "the Doctor is not cut out to live an ordinary life" bit seems overdone - a little less of that would have bene more subtle and still gotten the message across. Also, the whole "we can't live two lives" business seems a bit "manufactured". He's got a time machine - couldn't he just arrange to come by on their days off?  A shame Brian didn't go along - I think it might make a nice change for the Doctor to have an older guy as a companion.



*Stands for "United Nations Intelligence Taskforce", and don't let anyone tell you any different!

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You’re trying to work out a Dalek timeline? I’d like to see one for Amy Pond!

Does the new definition of the UNIT acronym bug you as much as the SHIELD one does me?

Actually, the “near-Morrisonian levels of incoherent gibberish” falls neatly in line with my theory concerning Steven Moffet’s approach to the show, but I’ll save it until you’ve seen the whole “season”.

The whole "we can't live two lives” business seems as manufactured as the “Amy and Rory are having marital problems” business.

I think it might make a nice change for the Doctor to be an older guy. I guess the whole deal with “regeneration,” though, is that it generally tends to make one younger. I would like to see someone beat Tom Baker’s record of longevity, and I’m rooting for Matt Smith, but with five-episode “seasons,” even if he lasts twice seven years, neither he nor anyone else will ever come close to matching Baker’s number of episodes.

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