Doctor Who Reactions: "The Zygon Invasion"/"The Zygon Inversion" (SPOILERS)

The Zygon Invasion

1)I'm glad they finally addressed the Zygon issue from "Day of the Doctor", which I always thought was one of the biggest plotholes in that episode.

2)I liked the Osgoods' "Doctor Who" outfits.

3)"Doctor Disco"?

4)Nice picture of the First Doctor on the wall.

5)"I snogged a Zygon once. Old habits."

6)And the Harry Sullivan reference manages to call back to "Terror of the Zygons" and "Mawdryn Undead".

7)"Yes, we know who you are."  Didn''t think I'd hear that bit again!

8)There's the obligatory "hybrid" reference.

Cliffhanger: Bonnie fires a missile at the Doctor's plane!

The Zygon Inversion

1)"Don't look at my browser history."

2)I think I like Clara better as a heel."

3)"I'm old enough to be your Messiah."

4)"What's your first name?" "Basil."  A Basil Brush reference, maybe?

5)"How did you survive?" "Five rounds.Rapid."  A callback to "The Daemons". Well, she's her father's daughter, after all.

6)"The imbecile's gas". And a callback to "Revenge of the Cybermen"..

7)"You said that the last fifteen times." Yeah,OK.

8)"Totally And Radically Driving In Space"

Overall: I wasn't overwhelmed by this story. I found it depressing, for some reason.  It had its moments, but it was just too dark for me.  I suppose we're never going to get an explanation as to what did or did not happen to Osgood when Missy zapped her.

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I suppose we're never going to get an explanation as to what did or did not happen to Osgood when Missy zapped her.

It killed her, or it killed one of them.

If Zygon duplicates need the original human alive to access the original's memories, then it would seem that Missy must have killed Osgood II, since Bonnie would need the original Osgood to become Osgood III.

Unless technobabble technobabble polarity of the neutron flow technobabble harry sullivan is an imbecile technobabble adandyandaclown technobabble.

So maybe not.

The Zygons play an important role in the Eighth Doctor audio adventures I'm listening to now. "Nuff said for now, lest I say something I shouldn't.

From a pure "12th Doctor" perspective, I think it's fairly obvious the human Osgood survived/survives. Metatextually, the actress who plays Osgood said something on one of those bits during the comercials which indicates on is human, one is Zygon. (Could the visual clue be the tape on the human Osgood's glasses?)

Assuming the two Osgoods didn't think of that and switch glasses.

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