Doctor Who Reactions: "Victory of the Daleks" (SPOILERS)

1)The Daleks again - this time being all passive-aggressive. One gets the impression that this is the closest they come to pulling a practical joke on someone.  I do wonder why they build machines that they have to get other people to open for them. We find that "one ship survived" the last time the Doctor killed them all - that seems to happen alot. They're not really at their best here, as the Doctor manages to hold them at bay with a cookie for quite some time. I liked the look of the "Ironsides" Daleks - the "new paradigm" Daleks were OK, although if they were going to do "Power Rangers" Daleks, there really should've been a pink one.


2)We get Amy's first trip into the past - she doesn't do much for most of the episode, although she doesn't remember "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End", she does get to save the day by the unique device of inspiring Bracewell to go chase after some woman he once knew.


3)We get more BRITS...IN...SPACE!, and we get to meet that mischievous, lovable old scamp, Winston Churchill. I do wonder if they show these in India, where I gather Churchill is not perhaps so fondly remembered.


4)Some fun quotes:

  • "I am your soldier."  A paraphrase of a line from "Power of the Daleks".
  • "Would you care for some tea?"
  • "I am the Doctor and you are the Daleks!"  "Yes, we know who you are."
  • "Keep buggering on."  Yeah, I've heard about those British public schools.
  • "Blimey! What do you do to the ones that mess up?"
  • "The final end."  Now, he's quoting "Evil of the Daleks".
  • "There isn't a sincere bone in your body - there isn't a bone in your body."
  • "Everyone's got enemies."  "Yeah, but mine's the woman outside Bludgens with the mental Jack Russell."  They ought to do an episode focused on this character.



A nice fun little story, so long as you don't think about the logic of it too much. I don't mind the Daleks in small doses, like this.


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My second time through these episodes, I don’t quite remember why Amy doesn’t remember the Daleks…? Is it simply a side effect due to her proximity to the “crack in time” while growing up, or is it something else. (Just a rhetorical question… no need to spoil a big seasonal reveal or anything for someone who might be working his way through these discussions for the first time.)

It's because Steven Moffat can't leave well enough alone, that's what it is.

I thought it was too soon to bring the Dalek's back after the last time. Tennents battle and loosing Donna should have put them to rest for a while.

I tend to think that every Doctor should fight the Daleks once, but not more than once.

The Baron said:

I tend to think that every Doctor should fight the Daleks once, but not more than once.

I agree, but after their last defeat I think that they should have stayed away a while longer.

I agree that Moffat should have held off on his first Dalek story. After “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End,” “Victory of the Daleks” was a bit anticlimactic. The Ninth Doctor met the Daleks twice to good effect, though. First, “Dalek” introduced them to a new audience, showing that even one could literally send the Doctor screaming from the room. (Well, if the door hadn’t been locked.) Then, when thousands show up for the season finale, we know the Doctor’s going to be in for a fight! Speaking of which, “Dalek” took place in 2012, ostensibly after the events of “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End.” Hmm… I’m curious to see where the story goes after the events of “Asylum of the Daleks,” but I can wait.

Is Moffat stepping down after the Christmas special or will the Twelfth Doctor continue under his aegis?

I haven't heard of Moffat atepping down so far, although I wouldn't be surprised if he did before too long. I gather it's a job that burns one out fairly quickly.

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