Doctor Who Reactions: "Vincent and the Doctor" (SPOILERS)

1)Another "Team TARDIS meets an important cultural figure" story, this time Vincent Van Gogh.  Interesting casting choice, I hadn't realized that Van Gogh was a Scotsman.  As with Shakespeare, we're given the notion that Van Gogh can (literally, in this case) see thngs that other people can't, although when he says "I can hear the colors", it does make me wonder if he somehow discovered LSD 50 years early.  I also thought it was interesting that even though they showed him how popular he would be in the future, it didn't help him to live any longer. I can sort of see that - knowing that you'll be popular long after your death might not be as comforting as knowing you were going to be popular in your own lifetime.


2)The Krafayis was an acceptable, if unspectacular, monster. An interesting twist that it, too, was suffering.  I liked the gag about how the Doctor's portable sensor thing had trouble reading Van Gogh's Impressionist painting, "This would never happen with Gainsborough.."


3)and we get the continuation of the "Amy doesn't remember Rory" storyline. The cruel side of me thinks it would've been funy if the Doctor had just said, "I never liked the guy anyway, why kill myself trying to get her to remember him?"



Another fun story - I always enjoy these stories where they meet the historical figures.


[Part of list of Doctor Who episodes here.]

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Hands down, this is my favorite single episode.

Extremely well-acted, Karen Gillem is heartbreakingly good with a great happy/sad ending.

Watched this one this morning (and had two crying women on my couch) just before we went to see the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Dallas. Listened to Don McLean on the way home.

I re-watched it earlier today.  Didn't cry, though.

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