I didn't want any of you Kirby fans (there must be a few, I figure) to miss this eBay listing. Pricing -- not to mention explanations-- like this don't come along everyday!

As the seller notes, it's the Holly Grail of Kirby art! I don't know who she is, but she must like expensive things.

-- MSA

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You'd think for a million dollars they'd offer free shipping!

OTOH, that $60.25 is a good price, considering they'd better be hand-delivering it to me with a squad of armed guards. 

It's the quarter he tacked on that I really enjoy.

Sadly, he's ended the auction already. Perhaps someone better informed than him explained that his explanation of the piece was a bit of wishful thinking. Or maybe he decided to keep it or trade it for 1 million copies of SPJO #141.

-- MSA

A little more hunting around turns up an interesting point: Comic Link Auctions sold the art on August 29, 2013, making a slightly less direct connection to FF #1. Their description makes it sound like it might have been an inspiration for FF #1 rather than a reworked version.

IAE, it sold at that time for $16,250. I don't know if it's changed hands since that time, but based on its history, $1 million might be a little high.

-- MSA

So if you're disappointed you missed out on the Holly Grail of Kirby art, maybe this eBay listing for 50 X-Men comics for only $1,500 will perk you up. It's definitely a steal, but I won't say for who.

You can say what you want, but you've got to be impressed by the guy's promotional skills. Well, maybe "impressed" isn't the right word, although they do make an impression.

-- MSA

I love how the guy says, "It's only 1500 bucks, not 15 thousand, so don't expect me to actually look at each item and list the issue numbers." You've gotta wonder how he came up with the 1500 price tag in the first place... maybe that's what he owes on his taxes? Maybe he'll throw in the plastic tub for free... but then again, I doubt it.

I see a bunch of auctions where the photo is a stack of comics, so all you can see is the top one. There also are a number that don't post a number, with some saying it's the "August, 1964" issue. Those guys could be good to buy from, as they don't know what they're doing, but I find most of those people sell way, way higher than they should.

Even at his correct price--putting in random 0s that make no sense sometimes gets confusing-- his Big Box o' X-Men is still $30 apiece, so it's obvious he didn't even open a Price Guide or check other sales for any of the issues. He just pulled a number out of his, let's say, hat.

Both auctions are from the same guy, who has a lot of antiquey kind of stuff in his store with a large number of satisfied customers. So I guess comics isn't his forte.

I would guess that the plastic tub is extra, costing some random amount that includes a quarter.

-- MSA

Mr. Silver Age said:

A little more hunting around turns up an interesting point: Comic Link Auctions sold the art on August 29, 2013, making a slightly less direct connection to FF #1. Their description makes it sound like it might have been an inspiration for FF #1 rather than a reworked version.

The monster is fairly similar to the one of the FF #1 cover, and its pose is somewhat similar. Calling it the cover's inspiration might go too far.

The seller says, “i think 1500 is a very low price.” That may be true (that is, he may think that), but that front comic is Uncanny X-Men #328, which MHC sells for $4.50 in near mint. Assuming the other comics in the tub are of similar vintage, a $200.00 asking price would at least be within the realm of reason (although still too rich for my blood).


Mile High's retail prices are sky-high, because they discount them drastically to anyone who gets their newsletter. Right now, for instance, prices are at a half-price discount if you use the codeword. Hopefully, nobody is paying MHC's online price for comics.

Even then, as random issues, it's hard to imagine anyone needs them all for their collection, which means they're going to pay for some and figure the rest are extra. Of course, without knowing which issues it is, it's a pig in a poke and probably wouldn't bring $50.

It makes me wonder why he thought that would sell in that form at that price.It's just a waste of his listing fee.

-- MSA

The first thing I noticed was that rather than a cover this appears to be a splash page from a story titled "I Dream of Doom."

Doing a story title search on GCD I found a likely candidate: Strange Tales #96 (MAY62). This is the cover story. If someone has access to this story in original or reprint, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the splash page from that story. This story was reprinted in Dead of Night #10 (JUN75). The redrawn cover for the reprint even shows the roller coaster cars that are depicted in the original art.

The eBay guy acknowledges that was where it was used in his listing, which is how I found the earlier auction, which makes a less-direct connection to FF #1.

The eBay guy's point is that a date on the art says it was done in early 1961, and that therefore Kirby drew it for the cover of FF #1. When it was rejected for that use, he redrew parts of it for use in the later ST #96. There wouldn't be a difference in how it was drawn for a splash vs. the cover, especially since Marvel put its indicia's on the inside front cover.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a bunch of monster splashes/covers from that period that have some kind of resemblance to FF #1, certainly as much as this one has. FF #1 was designed to be more of a transition from the monster comics rather than a new direction.

More likely, Kirby drew it as a standard monster story in early 1961 and for whatever reason, it went into the holdover drawer and stayed there until being needed for ST #96.

-- MSA

A cover goes all the way to the edge of a page, while an interior page has a margin; so I would expect covers and splash images to be different sizes.

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