Just thought this might be a worthwhile thread to have. I've heard some recent books have featured some nice done-in-one stories, and thought it'd be good to have a place to let people know where and when they appear. I'm much more likely to pick up a comic I'm on the fence about when there's no obligation to buy the next issue. 

I've heard that issues 1 and 2 of the new Black Widow series are both done-in-one. Is that true?

Other recent done-in-ones include most -- if not all -- of DC's Zero Year issues (I only read Flash), as well as Flash 26, a fun fill-in from Chris Yost and Neil Googe. 

Annuals are often a pretty reliable source of done-in-ones. While there are nods to the ongoing situation on Earth-2, Earth 2 Annual #2 tells a complete story of the new Batman's identity and origin. I have a feeling Worlds' Finest Annual #1 is DI1 as well.

Anyway, I think this is could be a handy thread, a centralized location to mention stories with a beginning, middle and end, all between two covers.

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I bought this last week and really enjoyed it. She is a fun character in much the same way as the pre-Nu52 Batgirl was fun (wasn't she the previous Spoiler in that one?). Anyway, I think it's refreshing to see a character like that who doesn't take herself totally seriously while still starring in serious stories. It's a great balance.

Last week's Secret Wars (very loose) tie-in, Howard the Human, was a done-in-one and a really good one at that. Written by Skottie Young (who is getting better and better as a writer) and drawn by Jim Mahfood.

Three terrific done-in-one books out this week -- I thought I'd draw your attention to 'em.

The first is Batman 23: By Tom King and Mitch Gerads, this is an excellent book top to bottom, and the most avant-garde of the lot. It's constructed vignette style, the sort of way Priest handles his books, and how Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray handled Jonah Hex. Essentially it's a team up, as Batman and Swamp Thing join forces to solve a murder and discuss life and death. And the ending...all I'll say about it is that it's marvelously unsatisfying. A great read.

Next up is Nightwing 21, a done-in-one team-up with Flash -- that is, the Wally West Flash. (Jeez, you can't say either Flash or Wally West any more without confusion. You have to call him by his full name, like he's late for dinner.) A fun comic from top to bottom.

And then there's Astro City 44, in which Sunshrike and Nightingale are assisted by an unexpected partner in crimebusting...their recently acquired stray cat, Kittyhawk! Tons of fun from Kurt Busiek, and drawn by Rick Leonardi, who drew that excellent Krypto story from a few years back. 

A couple of recent done-in-ones I liked: 

Justice League 22: This has the JL quarantined up in the Watchtower thanks to some space bacteria that the Green Lanterns brought in with them. I'd dropped this title -- Hitch's stories weren't quite doing it for me -- but this done-in-one by Shea Fontana and Phil Briones is sharp and concise, and has some great character moments for Jessica Cruz, in particular. (But also Cyborg & Jon Kent, and Batman and Lois.) This gives me a lot of confidence for Fontana's 5-part fill-in on the Wonder Woman title. 

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor: I've heard that the military group Trevor spends his time with is based on characters created for the Wonder Woman movie (although re-imagined for present-day adventures), but since I haven't seen that yet, all I can say is I enjoyed meeting them here. Written by Tim Seely, and drawn by Christian Duce, it's a good look at what Trevor does when Wonder Woman isn't around (after their first scene together, that is).

I haven't read it yet, but this week's issue of Detective Comics (#1017) is a done-in-one by Tom Taylor and Fernardo Blanco, and I hear that it's excellent 

I note the six month gap between done-in-ones.

On Detective Comics, you mean?

I was noting that it was six months since the last "done in one" post. Hopefully there were others in between?

Oh, that was more than 6 months... it was 2 1/2 years ago. And yep, there definitely have been others! Almost all of the Wonder Twins series has been done-in-ones, and the Flintstones as well. (Mark Russel is really good at that sort of thing.) Steve Orlando wrote a great done-in-one fill-in issue for Wonder Woman a while back. Bendis has given us some nice done-in-ones recently too -- I liked his Superboy/Robin teamup in a recent issue of Superman, for instance. 

(Head Slapping Emoji) I thought the June 9, 2017, post was June 9, 2019!

By the way, I've read that Detective Comics 1017 now, and it is really terrific. Well worth picking up -- it's one of those small-scale stories that's probably going to be well-remembered for years to come.

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