This will hopefully be the first of series of reviews of modern comics in this, the Conglomerate Age where everything is merely a drop in the corporate bucket which makes my opinion practically worthless. But you get what you pay for and we'll see if we get ours with Ant-Man #1.

  • Obviously this book is out because of ANT-MAN THE MOVIE, which is shocking enough! Who would have thought that Ant-Man would have a movie out before Wonder Woman or Doctor Strange!
  • The creators are Nick Spencer (writer) and Ramon Rosanas (artist), names that I'm not familiar with, though that reflects nothing to their talent.
  • The art is above average, so Marvel could have a new star here.
  • The basic plot is that loser Scott Lang is trying to get a job from Tony Stark as Stark Industries "Head of Security Solutions", even though he worked for Stark before.
  • Tony has no faith in Scott, telling him that he is unreliable and a failure, despite being both an Avenger and a part of the Fantastic Four.
  • Scott's criminal past is brought up. Several times.
  • His failed marriage is brought up. Several times.
  • His love for his daughter Cassie is brought up. Several times.
  • The villain of the piece is the female Beetle from Superior Foes of Spider-Man who is apparently a hired assassin, out to kill Stark after lulling him to a false sense of security by trying to have sex with him. Eww!
  • Actually the bulk of the issue deals with Ant-Man sneaking into Stark's computer system so he can rig it so that he wins the job the next day. Not really a "There Came a Day...." scenario.
  • Also his (evil) ex-wife, Peggy, moves to Miami to get Cassie away from New York City, super-heroes and Scott.
  • So Scott wins the job but loses his daughter but doesn't accept that so he abandons Stark and covertly moves to Miami to secretly be near Cassie by living in a dollhouse!

As first issues go, it certainly sets up the character and his situation but it gives Ant-Man no purpose. He has no niche, no mission, no reason for being Ant-Man except to spend some time with his daughter. He needs more.

And we've seen all this from Scott Lang already. His conflict with his ex-wife and his being an ex-con were resolved ages ago. Except for some references this story could take place after his initial Marvel Premiere appearances. The maturity and leadership qualities that Scott possessed are washed away in order to present him as a wash-up!

And he doesn't even catch the villain! Iron Man does!

In recent issues of She-Hulk, Henry Pym shows up as Ant-Man while Scott was in FF. Are they sharing the identity? Hopefully Han will appear here to settle "who-is-who". They debut a new Ant-Man armor here and it's visually uninteresting and generic. They do give him a knock-out gas gimmick that's nice but he still lacks any sort of offensive power.

Then there's Cassie Lang, the apparently now-former Stature who is no longer dead (as Scott was himself). But she's no longer in the eighteen-to-twenty year old range but now looks about fourteen! It's almost like they gave him another daughter so he has something to fight his ex-wife over!

If this book is going to succeed, they have to give Ant-Man a challenge and some motivation. He needs to be more of a heroic figure. He can't act like a supporting character when he's the star of the book!

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I've long since given up on Tony Stark. When did Spider-Man become a thug?

Well apart from now happily hanging around with elitist thugs all the time, there was this.

This is why I only buy old comics now.

Yep. This is very clear, Ron. We all know your opinion before you even state it.

Ron M. said:

This is why I only buy old comics now.

But clearly there's a market for thugs that pretend to be heroes.

I'm afraid to ask, but ... wasn't Scott Lang dead?

On second thought, don't bother to answer that.

Turned out that he was only mostly dead!

And the ants wouldn't let him die!

You're not helping -- !

Last week, my friendly neighborhood comics shop slipped Ant-Man #1 into my stack as a recommendation. As it happens, I have room in my comics budget, since Life With Archie and All-Star Western are gone, Fables and Fairest end this month, and She-Hulk (sob) goes away next month. But I didn't take them up on it. This thread is not encouraging me to change my mind. 

Character-wise, Scott Lang is treading water. Super-hero-wise, he lacks purpose. They have to justify the need for this book besides that there's a movie coming out.

The problem is there really isn't any other reason for there to be an Ant-Man comic. Fans haven't been demanding it or there'd already be one. If the studio suddenly announced they were making a Zzzax movie he'd get his own title too.

Unless it's Big Hero 6!

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