I'll be honest: I HATED that they made DUM DUM DUGAN a LMD (Life Model Decoy) AKA another android in the Marvel Universe. And that he had died in 1966! All as part of the Original Sins crossover that added a lot of grief, even though a lot of it didn't make much sense and still doesn't. But the Dugan retcon did to an extant since the Ol' Walrus has been fighting against evil since the late 30s. I can't quite accept that practically every Silver/Bronze/Modern Age appearance of Dum Dum wasn't actually him.

They tried to restore some dignity by having the LMD learn what he really and destroy himself after pleading for non-existence. Of course, that wasn't the end. The Duganator was reactivated in SHIELD #9 (N'15), its fiftieth anniversary issue whose first story used JACK KIRBY's original concept artwork for what became "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD" inked by none other than JIM STERANKO! And they reprinted the actual first appearance of SHIELD from Strange Tales #135 (Au'65).

But it is the second story, "Dugan Lives!" that interests me the most. SHIELD Director MARIA HILL has Tech Agent Paul Kraye revive Dugan's consciousness in a new, more powerful artificial body. He's not happy because, according to him, he's not Dum Dum Dugan, never was Dugan and can never be Dugan. He wants oblivion but Hill tells him only she can grant him that...for his co-operation!

They enter Area 13, the base of the new HOWLING COMMANDOS, monsters "drafted" by SHIELD to combat the horrors of the world. Now called S.T.A.K.E. (Special Threat Assessment for Known Extranormalities) and led by a driven MARTIN REYNA, the monsters are kept in detention cells. Reyna considers them non-people with no rights including a zombie that was once JASPER SITWELL. The sight of his late comrade denied his grave as well sends Dugan into a rage which spurs Reyna to become WARWOLF and slashes Dugan's face, revealing the metal underneath. Reyna, however, does not consider himself a monster.

Reyna, Dugan and the late Sitwell are sent to Oakland to find a creature with Reyna referring to Dugan as "Robot" and Sitwell who can track monsters as "Wormfood".

Meanwhile we learn that Maria Hill cannot shut down the Dugan persona nor does she know where all his spare bodies are. She has no real control over Dum Dum Dugan. It's all a bluff.

Back in Oakland, Duggan gets attacked and "destroyed" by KID ABOMINATION a thirteen year old gamma mutate. Inhabiting another body, Dugan is able to communicate with Sitwell to de-escalate the violence.

Dugan decides to stay with STAKE to keep an eye on things while secrets and plots go on around him leading to Howling Commandos of SHIELD #1.


I like this new direction and look forward to the new series. Granted Dugan is a lot like DC's Robotman and Tower's No-Man. Though no longer human, he's the most human character in the story. He'll need more allies beyond the Zombie Sitwell whose just as much as a mystery as everyone else. Behind his gruff exterior, there is compassion and morality that unfortunately is rare in comics nowadays!

It screams for an Original Human Torch guest spot as well as the Marvel Monsters.

I would give this series a chance!

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Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe.

Page 273: Jim Shooter, "I proposed that we do a Big Bang (for the 25th Anniversary of Fantastic Four #1) --that is bring the Marvel Universe to an end, with every single title concluding, forever, in dramatic fashion." Afterwards the titles and characters would all be relaunched.

This led to the creation of the New Universe.

Page 404: (Bill) Jemas actually toyed with destroying the Marvel Universe and building it up from scratch, but finally settled on the idea of adding a parallel "Ultimate" line, filled with younger counterparts to the Marvel heroes.

I've read the Ultimate universe failed after a miniseries ticked off a lot of its fans.

...I recall that the Ultimate line was originally pushed as being always all-ages suitable --- In the sense of 60s/70s comics , I mean , not in the sense of Adventures titles . Yes , obviously , they changed their minds on that...No I can't back that up now , but I am very sure that I read that back when.........

They must have changed their minds before any titles came out. X-Men started with Jean Grey going to bed with Wolverine, and Ultimates had Hulk eating people.

...Really , from #1 of UX-M ? That title (Which I don't think I ever read at all??) came out a ways after the line had started , didn't it ??? Yeah , Ultimates , which I followed some , was "edgy " . There was an Ultimate Marvel Team-Up early on , which , though they did an HC collection of it , was quickly declared to be non-continuity/retconned away , I meant to mention that when (Pre-its release) the last FF flick was discussed here...Yes , I recall a (quite young) FF appearing in it !!!!!!!!!!!

...I bought this SHIELD #9 , and re-read it today .

  One thing the (likely might become my) LCS owner said to me when I bought it was that the front story was taking place in the TV show (which I've never watched) 's universe , while the " DDD-Dum-Dum ! " story (which sure came off like old-school 2000 AD in ways , especially the " THRILL-POWER ! " blurb) was taking place in 616 , or whatever we're calling it these dayyzze , the mainstream comic books' universe . This true ?

  If Howard The Duck is in the latest issue , I'm inclined to buy it !!!!!!!!!

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