Anybody play D&D? Played D&D?


My comic shop hosts D&D encounters every Wednesday. The newest session is starting up soon. I've never played D&D in my life but have been curious about it. Tonight was character creation. I  sat down with one of the DMs and created a Changeling thief. I'm looking forward to the first adventure next week. Not sure if it's something I'll stick with but I thought I'd give it a shot. I even bought a set of dice tonight as well.


Any tips for a rookie?


If you play do you have a particular type of character you prefer? Did I make the right decision with the Changeling thief?

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It may be more like the older editions, I'm not sure. I'm really only familiar with 4th edition. There are not powers like in 4e. In 4e it seemed like every PC was almost a superhero. This new edition wizards have spells of course but everyone else has a basic attack at first level at least. Also the adventures seem are a little less structured. You get a setting and options for your PCs to take and suggested monsters. It seems to be going more to the role playing aspect and less on combat heavy. I haven't really delved into it too much yet. I did do one play test a year ago and enjoyed it. Though for people use to 4e it may take some getting use to. I think others that have played the older editions may get the hang of it quicker.

Well, I ran a 5e adventure on Friday. The result, total success. My crew loved it or at least said they did. When I ran 4e, we'd spend so much time and really just accomplish a long fight. It seemed that's what 4e was more geared towards. Also the powers in 4e bogged a lot of people down. Most time was spent flipping through pages trying to figure out what to use. 5e is more geared towards roleplay. My party accomplished a lot in 4 hours. The first encounter was long but they stopped a goblin ambush, returned to town to gather some info, went to the goblin hideout avoiding traps along the way, rescued a prisoner, got some loot and killed a Bugbear. With some other things inbetween. Every member got a moment to shine. I'm looking forward to running the rest of this adventure.

One guy in the group has been playing a long time. He said this newest edition is a lot like 2e.

So you played the module in the Starter Box? it looked good. I agree, it feels a lot like the 2nd edition. And I agree with your assessment of 4 -- WAY too complicated...

Yeah, my experiences with 4 were pretty mixed. On the one hand, I felt there was a lot of freedom to do lots of different things and that the character classes were better balanced. On the other hand, fights did take up one hell of a long time, and I think my players got pretty bored.

I think, considering its lifespan, 4e will be considered the edition that failed.

A lot of people felt it came too quick and was way too radical of a change from 3.5.

Paizo, the company that developed the very successful Pathfinder game, is probably most at fault for 4e's demise. When Wizards of the Coast was developing 4th, they expected Paizo to fall in line and make supplements for that. Wrong-o! Instead, Paizo essentially made D&D 3.75e in Pathfinder, and took a sizeable portion of D&D  groups with them. People seem to really enjoy Pathfinder, where they simply "tolerated" 4e for the name brand.

That left WotC with the burden of supporting 4e, which I think was something they didn't really plan for. It also doesn't help WotC that they're owned by Hasbro, which has stockholders to satisfy. Making D&D editorial material doesn't come cheap, and probably has a low profit margin as well.

Passed on 4th edition when I first saw it. Didn't think much of 3rd edition either but I didn't find the changes enough to ruin the game for me, which I did on 4th ed.

I remember when 3rd edition first came out I saw two teenagers reading D&D at a Waldens. I picked up a 3rd ed book to see how much they'd changed the game and they both gave me their opinion of it. "It sucks!" "Yeah, second edition rules!"

I actually liked, 4E. It actually allowed each member of the party to shine. I've played a bunch of different RPGs, so the combat didn't bother that much. Like all of the others it took a while to get used to. Although, a lot of the magic items were garbage.

I never played any D&D 3x. But 1st and 2nd edition became too much the Wizard and his cohorts the later in the campaign it got. Wizards were virtually unplayable in the early levels though. 4E made them viable from the beginning and not over powered later. There was a lot more balance.

Honestly, though D&D was always a game of convenience. It was never my favorite. Well I guess it was until 5th grade when I found other games.

Really didn't like how 4th ed used wizards. If they're unbalanced there are other ways to fix that. Let a fighter use a wand of fireballs or give a thief a crystal ball. Let a beginning wizard cast his one spell then put on armor to keep him alive.

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