I have just read and enjoyed the 'new' first volume of the Fantastic Four / FF and I feel the need to get more involevd and more informed.

I am somehat out of touch with all things 4 and have some questions, the mere asking of which may appall many of you, my fellow forum-eers,(?).

I am hoping someone will feel pity for me and help me out...here goes...

...What's with the genious moleoids (and the disembodied head of a moleoid?) what's their story?

...Clearly now, Dragon-Man is intelligent and cultured - is he the original Dragon-Man somehow evolved or someone else's personality transplanted ?

...oh, and the other geniuses around, 'Olemond' or whoever and is 'Bentley' a clone of the Wizard or something...?

...and so, now that I've got the ball rolling I can ask the really important/stupid/annoying questions...

...How come Franklin - who's been a child since before people like Vance Astrovick and Cassie Lang came along - and grew- through adolescence...- is still a child??

...and.....what's the origin of Valeria? For some reason I've always thought she was the illegitimate child of an alternate timeline Sue and Doom - but is that right?


...anyone want to play...?


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Here's my question: Who is Wyatt Wingfoot? I hear about him, and he's made appearances recently in FF, where he is apparently dating She-Hulk.

Of course I know the wikipedia entry version, but I was just wondering if anyone has any fond memories of this guy. All I've ever read of him has been in the pages of FF, so I'm looking for the reader's version here.

I have fond memories of him simply because he was in a lot of the first Fantastic Four stories I read as a kid. He was a likeable character, good friends with Johnny and a favorable (as opposed to cliched) portrayal of an American Indian.

Wyatt's quite likeable, and the fact that Marvel has resisted putting him in tights all this time makes him even more likeable.  He's been in some good stories and some not so good stories, but ultimately he's one of those invaluable supporting characters that every hero/team needs.

Been trying to word it right and then just read Randy's last. That's Wyatt to a tee. Well done.
Anyone know why he split with She-Hulk in the first place? Didn't they nearly get married?

I always liked the fact that Wyatt was one of those supporting characters that were actually useful! He showed no fear against super-villains and could hold his own in a fight.

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