This is one of the best comics-related podcasts ever.

Kevin Smith does this podcast strictly out of love. It's obvious. I've said it before, but Kev Smith is the Barbara Walters of comic book interviewers.

Right now, he is interviewing Neal Adams. It made me realize that Neal Adams is not a crazy old man. Neal Adams is a very lucid hero who has been through more than most of us, he is a champion of creators rights, and we are lucky that he still works in the biz today.

There are many many FANTASTIC interviews that will open your eyes to everyone from Greg Capullo to Arleen Sorkin to Jeph Loeb. He humanizes all of the creators you thought you knew.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and subscribe to this podcast. It is a thing of beauty.

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Huzza!  Jeff.  Totally agree regarding both the show and Adams' contribution.  Adams, Morrison and Kirby all had something similar going on, in how they were self-educated kids from pretty under-privilaged backgrounds who did things their own way,

Throw a link up there, why don't you?  Nobody bothers these days unless you give them soemthing to click right through to!  :-)

Sure thing, brother! Here it is!

And the fact that I forgot to mention Grant Morrison should be a sign that this is one awesome piece of podcast.

Yeah the Grant Morrison 2-3 eps are a good intro to his whole worldview, and a good pointer to the sense of fun and playfulness that Morrison is really all about.

I listened to part two of the Neal Adams interview yesterday. I've mentioned elsewhere that if you don't choke up listening to Adams speak about Siegel & Shuster than you are made of sterner stuff than I. There was a huge lump in my throat. I'll be listening to part three today.

Prior to listening to these interviews, I was just a fan of Neal Adams the artist. Now I'm a fan of Neal Adams the man.

As the final podcast will cover Adams' recent Batbook - Odyssey, I've ordered it from the library. I think you gave it a good write-up, Jeff?

I listened to the 1st FoB podcast lately. Fascinating insiders info on how cartoons are made, from Paul Dini. He worked on so many classics before Batman tas. He also wrote the two recent blockbuster Batman games. There's a lot about Harley Quinn too, who Dini created.  Smith relates in eye-popping detail what the character meant to him, and where she figures in his relationship to his wife and daughter. He's a very funny man. I wonder to what extent his irreverent and foulmouthed discussion style is an Irish American thing?

I haven't ready Odyssey but I just requested it from our library system. There's an available copy so I'll likely be able to pick it up tomorrow. I did read First X-Men as it came out, though. I want to re-read it now. I think I'll also pull out my copy of the Neal Adams Sketchbook and look at all the pretty pictures. And then there's my copy of Superman vs Muhammed Ali and my copy of...

That was Other-Other-Jeff's reccomendations I was referring to.  Adams is a giant.  Comics are lucky to have him.  His ambitions for the genre/medium were somewhat at odds with the ambitions of those in charge, so we don't have as much of his work as we should have... 

But he still managed to raise the game, while producing some very fine comics and covers.

AMEN! I think we heard about four or five stories during his three podcasts--and I hung on every word of every one. The best thing is that you know those stories are just the tippity-tip of the iceberg.

Cavaliere (moderator emeritus) said:

Prior to listening to these interviews, I was just a fan of Neal Adams the artist. Now I'm a fan of Neal Adams the man.

Yes I did! I loved that book. It is so weird and wacky and yet somehow brilliant.

Figserello said:

As the final podcast will cover Adams' recent Batbook - Odyssey, I've ordered it from the library. I think you gave it a good write-up, Jeff?

Last week started an interview with Denny O'Neil. As I type this, the second part of that interview is loading onto my iPod. This interview is doing for Denny O'Neil what the Neal Adams 3-parter did for him in my eyes. Talk about a guy who has seen every side of the comic book industry and then some. And his stories? Every bit as incredible as those of Neal Adams, Grant Morrison, Jeph Loeb, Greg Capullo, Arleen Sorkin, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Arleen Sorkin...

I've said this before, but Kevin Smith is the Barbara Walters of comic book interviews. He gets truly emotional when he's hearing these stories being told. Say what you will about Kevin Smith's work as a writer and director--this is his true place in my book.

SO good.

Listened today to the third part of the Denny O'Neil interview. Fantastic. I love it when Kevin Smith talks to an old-timer. Heck, I loved it when he talked to Greg Capullo.

If I didn't believe in the entertainment value of this podcast so much, I wouldn't keep this thread going all by myself.

But this weekend Kevin Smith did part one of an interview with Joe Quesada. As with so many other episodes of this, I can't recommend it highly enough.

I love this so much.

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