Hi Guys.

Just thought I'd stick this up here in case anyone is interested.  I'm a volunteer on a radio program here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  On my latest program, I did a short interview with John McCrea, who drew Hitman back in the 90s, was involved with Garth Ennis' The Boys, and is currently drawing Mythic for Image, written by Phil Hester.

The program is for a general audience so I don't go into too much depth, but it was fun to do, and there are some good insights into his work, background and approach.

The interview is in 2 parts: Section 1 at around 9 mins in, and section 2 around 43 mins in.

The rest of the program has an Irish slant as it is for the Irish community here in Queensland.  I was quite happy with the show as a whole.  That McCrea is from Belfast, Northern Ireland was my excuse to put him on the show!

Just pick "Irish" from the drop-down list in the page linked to  below and give it a listen, if you so wish.


Edited to add:  The full version of the interview is now available on this page.


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That's so cool, Figs! I'll give it a listen!

Cheers Rob. I've always daydreamed about having my own radio show, so It's kinda cool that I get to do this. The show is only available until Saturday, though. Each weeks program  is only up for a week on that site.

Very nice, Figs! I will give this a listen for sure.

Speaking of which, you turned me on to the SILENCE! podcast years ago. For the last couple weeks on there, they have talked about "Mr. Carter's Maths Class", who sings them into the Reviewniverse this week. (I guess that would only make sense if you're a listener to the show...) Well, I am Mr. Carter, and that is me and my students singing the Reviewniverse song on this week's show. They keep talking about how happy it made them, but it really made me and my math class happy!

I just listened to the show, primarily the McCrea interview and the front part. Ya done good!

Good stuff. McCrea tells a good story, doesn't he? I'll have to check out Mythic.

Loved it, Figs! Great to hear your voice. Very fine work; I'd love to do that as well someday!

Great interview, Figs! And I really liked the little bit at the end where you explained comics to your co-host, as well!

Yeah, I think I'll be picking it up during the next Comixology Image sale of TPBs.

Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod) said:

Good stuff. McCrea tells a good story, doesn't he? I'll have to check out Mythic.

Thanks for all the responses.

I just noticed the day before I broadcast the show that it was Free Comic Book Day, so I figured that was my excuse to geek out beyond the interview itself, and also as a good segue into it.

I had a bad cold that day, and didn't know if my voice would even work once I got to the studio.  The house was enpty when I woke up before the show, so had no-one to talk to to test it out!  I tried talking to myself for a bit and it seemed OK!

Wow that's amazing, Jeff.  Glad I brought you two together!  I haven't listened to Silence for a while.  I'm not buying as many new comics as I used to, so a lot of what they are talking about would be lost on me.

I'll definitely check out the last few episodes though.

Mythic is pretty good.  I bought the first 8 issues as 'research' for the interview.  Very imaginative and enjoyable.

McCrea's art has come a long way, and I say that as someone who's always appreciated his work.  He says he made a push to improve it recently, studying great illustrators of the 1930s as research.

The books we talk about are Troubled Souls, about the 'war' in Northern Ireland, and DICKS, a sort of Rabelasian no-holds-barred utterly uncensored follow -up to Troubled Souls, set amongst the Loyalist community in Northern Ireland, which is a scene you don't often see in comics, books, films or anything, which makes it notable.  Normally stories about the Troubles in Northern Ireland are from the point of view of the Catholics or the middle-class Protestants.

I really reccommend both these sets of stories.

Then Hitman (of course) and finally Mythic.  The first 8-issue arc of Mythic is out now/shortly.

When my radio show is replaced with this week's one, I will put up the extended interview as a podcast on a different page of the radio website, and I'll add the link below.  McCrea is a great talker and there was a lot I had to reluctantly cut out of the interview to fit it into the program.

I'll be doing the program about every 4-5 weeks.  I try to give notice on Facebook when I'll be on next, so keep an eye there.

For what it's worth, the geekiest interview I did before this one, that might be of interest to some of you, was with one of the creators of Song of the Sea, a beautiful animated film based on Irish mythology from about 2 years ago that was nominated for an Oscar(!!).

It's the 8 Dec 2015 podcast on this page:


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