Can anyone tell me where and how to get a complete run of Alex Raymond/Mac Raboy Flash Gordon?


I have some Checker collections, some hardback, some softback. Which appear to be the dailies. And now IDW is offering new collections, which appear to be the Sundays. Plus other "Mac Raboy" collections, which I can't tell -- are they Sundays, dailies, or both?


I'm not quite sure what I've got, and/or what I need. Any advice would help.






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A friend asked me the following tonight...

"what was ""Flash Gordon's" REAL first name..."

!!! ???  ( I don't know! And I looked it up at Wikipedia, and they don't say anywhere in their long article.)

It could be that "Flash" was the forename he was given at birth.

Has anyone ever asked what "Flash Thompson"'s real first name is?

It's Eugene.

The 'entirely editable' comicvine page gives Flash Gordon's real name as Steven Gordon...


Edited to add: Steven comes from the 2007 TV series apparently, so obviously doesn't count.

Lee, I enjoyed the recently completed Flash Gordon "crossover" in Prince Valiant more than I have any continuity for months. We discussed it (briefly) in the comic strip thread, but I didn't post anything about its conclusion because I didn't think anyone else here was interested.


Henry, Flash Gordon's given name is "George." Not only did he disappear from Prince Valiant "in a flash," but they also referred to him as "St. George" (as in "...and the dragon") while he was there. Me, I hoped he'd become an ongoing regular charater.

Jeff, you have the first Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim collection, I think? If so, what does it say about when Moore started working on the two strips? I thought he was the initial writer on Flash Gordon - was this rather Raymond himself, as Henry has heard? 

I'll have to check. I read Henry's assessment of the writer of the early strips yesterday and it rang true. I didn't have anything to add at the time and didn't think much off it, but now you've got me wondering.

In his introduction, Bruce Canwell writes: “Throughout years of prior reprintings and scores of scholarly articles devoted to Alex Raymond’s career, no King Features Syndicate records have been discovered that clearly define the exact date when professional writer/editor Donald W. Moore began supplying text for Jungle Jim and Flash, how his role on the strips was defined at the outset, and how that role evolved oer the span of two decades.”

Who made THAT up???   : D

Captain Comics said:

It's Eugene.

I laughed at the comment at the IMDB about the 1980 movie, which said, "Flash" had his NAME on his t-shirt, and it looked like the guy was so dumb (football player), he had his name there just in case he FORGOT what it was, so he could look down and be reminded.

I first heard complaints about the writing in an issue of ALTER EGO (I think) where they did a feature on Mac Raboy (wasn't he the 3rd regular artist on the Sundays?), who said something along the lines of it being the "worst" writing of any feature he'd ever worked on.  Considering he came up from comic-BOOKs, that really says a lot. Of course, I've heard that the people at Fawcett took a lot more pride in their work than most comic-book companies of the 1940's.

Thanks, Jeff. On the one hand I found references saying Moore took over in August 1935, which sounds authoritative, and on the other that he co-created Jungle Jim. I thought that didn't ring true: he wrote Jungle Jim, but Raymond wrote Flash Gordon himself? So I was wondering.


Sorry if you thought I was talking past you, Henry. I read online that the introduction to the edition has information about Moore.

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