Flash had its season premiere last night! Spoilers are to be expected in this thread, but I'll put in a picture of Flash traveling through time to give people a chance to turn back. 

OK, everyone up to speed? Good.

I have mixed feelings about this season premiere. The good: Flashpoint was over and done with quickly. We got a glimpse of the universe -- which was honestly a pretty good status quo for everyone but Joe, up until Wally died (even Caitlyn, who wasn't living up to her genius potential, seemed happy) -- but Barry feels so much guilt for the way things turned out that he asks Reverse Flash to go back in time to kill his mother again. On an emotional level, I just don't buy it. She's his mother, and the Flashpoint world was pretty good. I'm not sure the stakes were dire enough for him to allow her to be killed again. The world wasn't ending -- he was just going to lose his memories of the original reality. Going back on that seems to pile a selfish choice on top of his original selfish choice to save his mom. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if at some later point his mom steps out of time and becomes one of his greatest villains, just because she's tired of her moment of greatest pain being used as some cosmic pivot point for reality. 

But on the plus side, this happened in just one episode, and now the rest of the season (and whatever wrinkles to old relationships it brings) can begin. I can't wait to see what Welles is like *this* season! 

On the minus side, everything Barry said or did was creepy, from his pursuit of Iris to his weird goodbye to his parents. I wish the writers had found a way for him to say goodbye in a way that was meaningful for him, but didn't leave them thinking he was about to jump off a bridge. 

Another minus -- Henry's still dead when Flashpoint ends -- though that's mitigated by Shipp playing Jay Garrick from now on.

Third minus: Once again, we have a speed villain -- and one who's "terrorizing Central City to prove that he's the fastest." That's the flimsiest motivation I've ever heard. Hasn't the guy ever heard of the Boston Marathon?

Plus: Next week is Dr. Alchemy -- an old favorite from the comics, and someone who's NOT a speedster! I'm very happy about that. 

Line of the night? Hands down, it's gotta be: "Am I kidnapped?" "That's undecided."

What'd you guys think?

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I like Legion a lot, and there's no comic book connection for me, either. In fact I was never an X-Men fan, so beyond the basics it's all new to me.

I'm looking forward to getting started with Legion, but I haven't had a chance to start yet. But considering its from Noah Hawley, who made the brilliant Fargo tv series, I have all the confidence in the world it'll be worth watching. 

As for the comic version of Legion, I remember actively disliking him in the few comics I've read where he's appeared. But I'm still really excited about the TV show because of the team involved. 

But back to Flash. I literally couldn't believe my eyes for this episode. Gorilla city! Flash vs Solivar! On TV! This can't actually be happening. I'm dreaming, right? 

Yeah, it's crazy. I can only imagine the scene in the writer's room:

Writer: "There's this gigantic talking, telepathic gorilla, and he lives in a city of gorillas...."

Show Runner: "We should totally do that!"

I considered holding onto the first half of the Flash two-parter until I had both halves, but had to watch it after your enthusiastic reactions.

It was really well done, and is complete as a story. All of the characters were so happy at the end I was afraid they were in a Grodd-induced dream, but they weren't.

Looking forward to the second part.

Best line in the episode: "You're going to the Planet of the Apes, aren't you?"

While I'm hopeful for next week and thrilled that the ep is happening at all, I feel a little underwhelmed. They don't take a second speedster along, but they allow faux-Indy to come. The Flash recognizes he's in a trap, but can't dodge a blow-dart.... Ah, well. The main gorillas look good. I'm hoping for a token purple gorilla next week.

The ep also illustrates how hilarious any dialogue becomes if you just add the word "gorillas." Consider these famous movie lines:

-Leave the gun. Take the gorilla.
-Every time a bell rings, a gorilla gets his wings.
-I love the smell of gorilla in the morning.
-Love means never having to say you’re a gorilla.
-Gorillas? We ain’t got no gorillas! We don’t need no gorillas! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ gorillas!
-Forget it, Jake. It’s Gorilla City.
-They call it a gorilla with cheese
-You’re gonna need a bigger gorilla
-I have always depended on the kindness of gorillas
-Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the gorilla room!
-Hello. My name is Gorilla Montoya. You killed my gorilla. Prepare to die. Gorilla.
-Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty…. Okay, that one’s about the same.

Supergirl's next episdode, on March 20, will cross over with the March 21 Flash episode. A villain called the Music Meister will deliver the rationale for the hoped-for musical/dance story involving Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin.

So who is Savitar? There are some theories:

1) H.R. Savitar called him the "pretender," so he's almost definitely something he's not. The reviewers at ComicsAlliance think he'll turn out to be Savitar, but I think they're being hoodwinked. The one clue they point to is that both HR and Savitar call Wally "Wallace." But I'm still betting he's connected to (or IS) Abra Kadabra, not Savitar (although there's a school of thought that suggests Savitar is a creation of Kadabra's).

2) Future Wally. Something made Savitar so damn fast. Could being thrown into the speed force for an indeterminate amount of time do that? Comic-book science says yes! Throw in some time travel, and he's a possibility.

3) Future Barry. I like this option best, I think. The show has stressed in recent days the importance of Barry not killing people -- first Solivar and Grodd, and now Savitar, who even notes it himself. The New 52 Flash had a story where Barry fought a future version of himself who *did* kill his villains. Could Savitar be that guy?

4) McSnurtle. We haven't seen him since the episode he was introduced. And we KNOW he gets super speed. That's CANON. And who knows what's under Savitar's mechasuit?

There are some other possibilities: Eddie Thawne will apparently return in Speed Force related dream sequences next week, and maybe he'll stick around. Eobard is running around with the Legion of Doom, but time travel makes anything possible. Heck, even Jesse is a possibility, although there's nothing but speed pointing her direction. 

I get impression that Savitar is Eddie Thawne. If they can pull Eobard out before he is destroyed they could have done the same with Eddie.


I think if he were Eddie, we would have seen him more already -- more references in flashback, more pivotal in some of Iris's and Joe's decisions so far. Just for dramatic reasons, I think he's a bit of a longshot.

But certainly not a NO-shot.

Totally with you for a speedster moratorium. And let's resurrect Captain Cold already! (Although like Eddie, he appears on next week's episode, most likely in a Speed Force dream sequence.)

Interesting theories. There was a line of dialogue last episode (something about Savitar being there "at the beginning") which I took to mean "season one." therefore I'm leaning toward Eddie. I didn't remember who Savitar was in the comics, so I Googled it; I still don't remember.

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