Flash had its season premiere last night! Spoilers are to be expected in this thread, but I'll put in a picture of Flash traveling through time to give people a chance to turn back. 

OK, everyone up to speed? Good.

I have mixed feelings about this season premiere. The good: Flashpoint was over and done with quickly. We got a glimpse of the universe -- which was honestly a pretty good status quo for everyone but Joe, up until Wally died (even Caitlyn, who wasn't living up to her genius potential, seemed happy) -- but Barry feels so much guilt for the way things turned out that he asks Reverse Flash to go back in time to kill his mother again. On an emotional level, I just don't buy it. She's his mother, and the Flashpoint world was pretty good. I'm not sure the stakes were dire enough for him to allow her to be killed again. The world wasn't ending -- he was just going to lose his memories of the original reality. Going back on that seems to pile a selfish choice on top of his original selfish choice to save his mom. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if at some later point his mom steps out of time and becomes one of his greatest villains, just because she's tired of her moment of greatest pain being used as some cosmic pivot point for reality. 

But on the plus side, this happened in just one episode, and now the rest of the season (and whatever wrinkles to old relationships it brings) can begin. I can't wait to see what Welles is like *this* season! 

On the minus side, everything Barry said or did was creepy, from his pursuit of Iris to his weird goodbye to his parents. I wish the writers had found a way for him to say goodbye in a way that was meaningful for him, but didn't leave them thinking he was about to jump off a bridge. 

Another minus -- Henry's still dead when Flashpoint ends -- though that's mitigated by Shipp playing Jay Garrick from now on.

Third minus: Once again, we have a speed villain -- and one who's "terrorizing Central City to prove that he's the fastest." That's the flimsiest motivation I've ever heard. Hasn't the guy ever heard of the Boston Marathon?

Plus: Next week is Dr. Alchemy -- an old favorite from the comics, and someone who's NOT a speedster! I'm very happy about that. 

Line of the night? Hands down, it's gotta be: "Am I kidnapped?" "That's undecided."

What'd you guys think?

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I thought that all things considered, this was a pretty fun episode. Barry recruiting Snart with a line from Taken ("Great movie."), the fin in the fog, the transmogrifier, Joe & Iris's reminiscing, HR's hiding Flash's identity ... all fun stuff. The stakes were high, and the end was a downer, but the episode itself had plenty of fun parts to it. (And I don't think Iris is gone, by a long shot.)

I’m glad you’re finding more fun in The Flash these days than I am, Rob. 

It’s still one of my favorite shows.  But I remember thinking in Season One that Flash was a nice upbeat, sunny, optimistic take on superheroes, compared to downbeat, violent, pessimistic Arrow.  I like both, but I enjoyed that the Berlanti-verse could handle a range of tones, playing Happy Barry off against his buddy Gloomy Gus Ollie.  Nowadays, those two could compare backaches from carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

I blame Supergirl.  Apparently, there’s only so much “happy” available in the Berlanti-verse and she called dibs last year.  (And now even she’s just about burned through it all.)

Oh, I'm definitely frustrated that Barry's been so glum & worried, Doc. But with the supporting cast & the superpowered ridiculusness, there's still tons more fun to be found here than Arrow. 

But I'll be happy for the show to take a lighter touch in the future, as well. Barry should take his job seriously, but desperation doesn't suit him. (Snart can see that, and I'm hoping that's a clue that the writers do, too.)

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