So, I wasn't going to buy this.  But I like big summer stories and I'm not buying Fear Itself...and I like Johns and Kubert.  So...













































I like a lot about this first issue...but the big thing that sucked me in...Bruce Wayne died as a child on this world and Thomas, his father, has become Batman.  That's interesting...and he is a much more Golden Age-type killer Batman.


I like that Cyborg is the Superman of this world. 


Having the Earth torn apart by an Atlantis/Themyscira war is interesting...sorry Europe.  :(


The splitting of Captain Marvel's, here Captain Thunder, powers among six kids is a cool idea.


I wonder if the Outsider is Alfred?


I think I'll buy the main series along with the Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman/Lois, and Green Lantern tie-ins.  And, maybe, the Deadman/Flying Graysons one if the art is as cool as the covers.



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Sorry, Europe?  Bud, as I understand it all the men in the UK are dead...
Well...Aquaman sank western Europe according to this.  And, according to Citizen Cold, some of the men in the UK may have just been castrated.  OUCH!
I liked it enough to buy #2 next month.
I really liked it. The Thomas Wayne swerve really worked for me, and I'm very curious as to who the other members of the Secret Seven are. And I'm rooting for Citizen Cold to be exposed -- the idea that he's not a hero, but he's got a rep as one is *much* more interesting than "Captain Cold's a good guy now!"
It's got my interest. I like the CITIZEN Cold idea. Maybe representing himself to the masses as a hero for the people? I guess I will wait and see. I am assuming that the name Captain Thunder is a bit of a nod to the character of the same name that Superman had a scrap with in the Seventies when they couldn't actually SAY it was Captain Marvel. Overall an interesting set up. I will likely pick up the series and maybe the Citizen Cold mini.

I just read Flashpoint #1. I liked it, a lot! I wanted to read Flash #12 before I read Flashpoint. Not sure what I liked the best about it. Thomas Wayne being Batman and narrating the first issue was cool. The Captain Thunder thing was super cool, I was wondering who those kids were. The Citizen Cold thing is interesting too.


I thought I was going to like it but this issue really sucked me in. I think I'm just going to follow the main miniseries but I might be persuaded to pick up the tie-ins.

The map of the Flashpoint world was released by DC today. 
The map has piqued my curiosity of the Flashpoint world.  With this and the events of Booster Gold #44, I'm thinking Professor Zoom has done much more to the timeline than just keeping Barry Allen's mom alive.
Good sign for DC: my main shop sold out so I wasn't even able to Byrne-steal a copy.

I really loved the first issue of Flashpoint as I already stated. I enjoy pretty much anything Geoff Johns does. I had doubts about this series being just an alternate reality story. But Johns has taken things in such a different approach that the few reveals in the first issue were exciting.

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