So, I wasn't going to buy this.  But I like big summer stories and I'm not buying Fear Itself...and I like Johns and Kubert.  So...













































I like a lot about this first issue...but the big thing that sucked me in...Bruce Wayne died as a child on this world and Thomas, his father, has become Batman.  That's interesting...and he is a much more Golden Age-type killer Batman.


I like that Cyborg is the Superman of this world. 


Having the Earth torn apart by an Atlantis/Themyscira war is interesting...sorry Europe.  :(


The splitting of Captain Marvel's, here Captain Thunder, powers among six kids is a cool idea.


I wonder if the Outsider is Alfred?


I think I'll buy the main series along with the Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman/Lois, and Green Lantern tie-ins.  And, maybe, the Deadman/Flying Graysons one if the art is as cool as the covers.



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I read issue #1 last night, then I re-read this discussion just now. I’m intrigued enough to follow the rest of this main series, but not enough to invest in (yet another) short-lived alternate reality universe. Did something happen in Flash #12 to lead directly into Flashpoint #1? Flashpoint is a very fan-centric type story. One must be a fanboy in order to appreciate all the nuances of the first issue. A casual fan would be able to follow the basic story, but the significance of the situations and events would go over his head.

Whereas I do see Flashpoint as a potential “jumping off point,” I don’t mean that in a snarky way whatsoever. Nearly everyone reaches a comic book saturation point eventually. I’ve put it off longer than most, but I can feel mine rapidly approaching. Those people are going to leave comic books anyway, no matter what. Jumping Off Points (or “JOPs”) such as Crisis on Infinite Earths and Flashpoint are provided by DC as a courtesy to provide such readers with a sense of closure.

And lest we forget: one man’s jumping off point really is another man’s jumping on point.
While not a jumping off point for me, the end of Flashpoint and the new number 1s coming this autumn will allow me to refocus on the characters and creators I've enjoyed and focus more on their work.  I really love Gail Simone, John Rozum, Grant Morrison, J.H. Williams, Amy Reeder, and Scott Snyder and, luckily, they will be working on characters I love.  Two creators with no DCnU books, so far, are Chris Roberson (Cinderella, Superman, iZombie) and Nicola Scott (Secret Six, Teen Titans) and THAT'S a shame.
This week's Wonder Woman adds the second big piece to the puzzle as to why the Amazons and Atlanteans are at, Diana and Arthur are being played.
What's "DCnU"?
The new nickname for the new (nU...get it?) DCU starting in autumn.

Well, yeah, that's what I though, but... okay, "nU," got it. I guess they couldn't call it "DCNU" because that would be "DC New Universe" (rather than "DC New"), and Marvel already has one of those.

Yeah, I don't think that DC wants to remind anyone of Marvel's "New Universe" right about now.

Why not? For a while, it was one of Marvel's Star Brands. Justice once I'd like to see it get the respect it deserves.


Anyway... So far, all of the Flashpoint tie-ins have been very good. I especially liked the Grodd one-shot. Lots of political commentary in there.


Theory time: I suspect it will be revealed that Professor Zoom went back in time to each major hero's origin story and messed them up, causing the changes. That's one of the reasons Cyborg is America's leading hero; Zoom didn't think he was important enough to mess with.


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Did something happen in Flash #12 which led directly into Flashpoint #1?
Nothing specific; just Zoom showing up and having his powers again. As far as I can tell, there's no crucial information there.
I'll wait tuntil this finishes and I'll take a look at the new DC Universe then, if I like it then I'll get this when they release the complete series in a volume.

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