Hello Legionnaires, I'm thrilled to announce that "The Downward Spirals -- Volume 1: Twisted Tails" is now available for order! You may be familiar with my effort to document the lives of my band of hockey-playing possums over at the "What Are You Blogging About Today" thread, and if you are you're in for a treat!

I've collected all the strips together -- and edited a few to spruce them up -- and made them into a comic. Aside from the original 31 "Spirals" comics you also get:

  • A glimpse at what the Spirals "away" jerseys look like!
  • A "Season End wrap-up,"
  • An unseen 32nd "Spirals" comic (that segues into their next endeavor!)
  • A "Poodles vs. Penguins" double-page spread
  • Four episodes of "The Long Job"
  • My eternal gratitude for supporting my passion!


Just go to this page to complete your secured PayPal purchase:





WHAT IS THIS? The "The Downward Spirals -- Volume 1: Twisted Tails" is a 40-page collection of comic strips about a team of hockey-playing opossums.


SAY WHAT? HOCKEY-PLAYING POSSUMS? Yep! You read it right! The Downward Spirals is the all-possum squad in the Meadow Hockey League, which also includes raccoons (The Apple Corps), Beavers (The Dam Quixotes), Skunks (The Marsh Invaders) and several others.


HOCKEY? I LIKE (some other sport) MORE! This isn't a comic just about hockey. It's a comic about sports in general, about working on a team and about how you play your specific game.


WHO ARE YOU? I'm John Simcoe, the writer and artist for the comic! I grew up in Corning, N.Y. and now live in York, Pa., where I work in the newspaper business. You can visit my comic/art/toy/pop culture/movie blog at http://www.soundadvicefortoday.com


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? For most people, the comic is priced at $4, which is just 10-cents a page! Retailers can order it in larger amounts and get a good deal on the price. Shipping for single copies is just 99-cents!

WHAT IF I'M AN INTERNATIONAL BUYER? No problem! I love all the hockey-playing countries! The shipping is just a little bit higher, I'm afraid to say! But please, order anyway!


WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO TO CONVINCE ME TO BUY? There are options to include my first comic, "Redlighter: Light it Up" with your order. You can also order a made-just-for-you original art card with your order!


HOW CAN I HELP? I'm glad you asked. Please, SHARE this link on your Facebook wall or other social networking site, especially if you're a comic fan or a sports fan. If your neither one of those, then do it anyway just to be nice! :)


WHAT WAS THAT ORDERING WEBSITE AGAIN? I'm glad you asked that too!!  It's ...


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Also, I would like to whole-heartedly thank my Captain Comics friends on Facebook for their orders. You guys rock!

First off, thanks for the additional orders I filled today. I think some of them might have been from a Legionnaire or two. Thank you so much.

Secondly, as promised, I have added International shipping options. I can ship to Canada, Ireland, Australia and any place in between!

Congrats, John! Can't wait to read it!

Thanks so much, Rob, and for the other online orders I received on Friday and Saturday. Can I convince anyone else to pick it up?

Yesterday, I spent my time at the York (Pa.) Book and Paper Fair, where I sold quite a few copies, including a batch to an independent book store in Oil City, Pa!

Next Saturday, I'll be heading up to Hero Bot Con in Elmira, .N.Y. where I'll be sharing floor space with X-Men and Cyberforce artist Marc Silvestri and legendary writer Roger Stern. While I'm just one of the artist alley guys, it's still kind of exciting since this is not a mega huge convention, and it's only in its second year. Details for Hero Bot Con are here. Please make a trip out to see me!

Well, I have been to two conventions now with the Downward Spirals collection! Both were a lot of fun -- the first was the York Book and Paper Fair. The second just this weekend at Hero Bot Con.
I sold about a dozen comics at each event. Not great, but I know that a comic about a team of hockey-playing possums is a tough sell.
But I don't just sit at the con all day begging people to buy my book. Instead, I spend most of the time drawing up Artist Trading Cards (also called ACEOs).
Now I'd like to show off a few. Please note that most of these aren't scans. Instead, they are just pictures taken with my cell phone.

Now since I have so much fun drawing these things, I'd like to make you a special offer. Order the Downward Spirals book and pick the Art Card option. Then in the message to me, tell me what character you'd like me to draw for your Art Card piece -- ANY CHARACTER AT ALL!
Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Voltron, Dr. Who -- whatever you want!
Once again, order my book and add the Art Card option for ANY CHARACTER OF YOUR CHOICE.
All the details are: http://soundadvicefortoday.com/2012/10/15/buy-the-downward-spirals-...
Yeah, Edit function is still not working. Grrrrr.

A-ha! I have finally got the HTML and editor to work. Again, here are some samples of my Art Cards I can create as part of your Downward Spirals order. Thanks for looking!

Hey, look at that. Multiple Man appeared twice!


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