Going Through My Graphic Novels: Cull or Keep? (SPOILERS)

I've got rather alot of graphic novels, most of which sit on my bookshelves or in boxes in my closets from one year to the next, never being looked at. So, I've decided to go through them all, re-reading each one and deciding whether to keep it or to cull it. Culls will be donated to the local public library.


As I re-read each one, I'm going to try to present my impression of each one, and then announce the verdict: Cull or Keep?


There will be spoilers here, so beware. I most likely won't read one every day, but I 'm going to try to keep up a steady pace.


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Except Roy Thomas put him on Earth-Two in All Star Squadron.

A cure for cancer or a panacea was a major plot point/twist in Squadron Supreme.

I believe he would have appeared after Zatanna, but wasn't there briefly a Plastic Man Jr?

I'm pretty sure Zatara was listed somewhere before Crisis as an Earth-1 character.

There's a character called Offspring who was Plas' son. I believe he first appeared in "The Kingdom", and recently showed up in the latest issue of "Multiversity." Dunno if there was another one.

Despite what the cover says, when DC put out Plastic Man #1 (D'66), this was NOT the original Plas! In #7, we learnt that he was really Plastic Man II, the son of the Plas who supposedly debuted in Police Comics #1, complete with an elderly Woozy Winks. When the series ended with #10, Plas, Jr. appeared in Brave & Bold and got more depressing with each guest shot!

When Plastic Man was revived in the 70s with #11, it starred the "real" Plas and Woozy, young again while Junior stretched into Comic Book Limbo!

Interesting, another piece of DC history that I'd never heard of.

Mopee was very busy during the Silver Age.

The 60s series was written by Arnold Drake. I like the two issues I've read. He had a rich girlfriend, somewhat like Sapphire, whose mother was a snobby society lady and hated him. The other supporting character was his goody two-shoes buddy.

Sounds like a Golden Age series. Was Woozy Winks mentioned?

Does Woozy still exist post-Crisis? Did he ever get his super good luck power back?

I was surprised to see the last issue of Plastic Man actually appeared after Showcase#4 (even though it was all reprints) and thus is a Silver Age comic. Quality should have held on a little longer.

It was an interesting notion, spreading Zatanna's story over two years and several different books like that. Did they do alot of that in those days?

There was a Dr Light series of stories in Justice League of America #12, The Atom #8, Green Lantern #33, The Flash #171. Also the Outsider stories in Detective Comics. He was introduced as a mysterious villain who knew Batman's secrets, and the mystery of who he really was ran not quite two years.

The Legion of Super-Heroes also popped up in "Superboy", "Supergirl" and "Superman" before getting its own feature. Mon-El was sent into the Zone in Superboy #89 (Apr. 1961), temporarily released in Adventure Comics #300 (Jul. 1962, in the first instalment of the Legion's feature), and permanently released in Adventure Comics #305 (Dec. 1962). Those weren't his only appearances in the period. All dates on-sale dates from DC Indexes.

I've only read the two instalments. He's not mentioned in those. Woozy was used in Plas's 70s title and in his early 80s Adventure Comics series. Post-Crisis he was used in several DC versions (including a late 80s mini by Phil Foglio and Hilary Barta, a 1999 special by Ty Templeton, and an ongoing starting in 2004 mostly by Kyle Baker). My hat-tip to the GCD for some of this information.

It was only three chapters in two series but I thought it was interesting seeing the Angel's story in Kazar conclude in Marvel Tales.

Other series that "spread out" would include the Secret Empire story that stayed in Tales to Astonish, but moved from the Hulk series to the Sub-Mariner part of the title. And not long after the Silver Age, there was the Mr. Kline storyline taking place in both Iron Man and Daredevil. That along with the Zodiac three parter makes it look like the rumor Marvel was considering merging Shellhead and Hornhead into one title pretty accurate. I know Iron Man went bimonthly for awhile, so it probably was in danger of cancellation. And Marvel Super-Heroes used reprints of the two for a few months, as if to test the waters to see how they would work in the same book.

I've read two completely different origins for Woozy. One had him a bored goof accidentally saving someone from drowning and deciding to get rich using the super luck he was given as a reward until Plas shamed him into giving himself up, while the other revealed he was once a highly skilled detective or secret agent but suffered brain damage.

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