Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Janice Rand on 'Star Trek,' Dies at 85

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I really liked her on the original Star Trek series!!  Of course, I was only 12 and was always attracted to pretty blondes!!  At the time I did not know that she was having trouble with drugs and that is why she left the series or because of that her contract was not renewed!   Glad that later in her career that she was able to make amends with the Star Trek powers such as Gene Roddenberry and she was able to come back to the Star Trek universe! Sad to hear that she is now gone!   Hard to believe that this Star Trek original series has now reached the 50 year mark!  Makes me feel a bit old!

  I know she had a tough time of it, it's good that she pulled herself together.

She was also on Batman as King Tut's moll.

When I posted this fourteen months ago I thought nobody cared. Glad I was wrong.

...I wasn't sure to post?....some forums frown on replying to old posts!   I think that I saw her at  a Star Trek convention in Houston but not sure?  I did see Walter Koenig (Chekof) for sure!I   When did she guest star on Batman?  Was it before or after she was on Star Trek?  Batman was another favorite TV show of mine when I was a kid!   I especially liked the cliff-hanger at the end of the first show of the week....tune in next Bat Bat Time!!  I really ate that up! We would all talk about the episode the next day at school would drive our teachers crazy!

I must have missed it when you posted it back then, Richard.  She fell hard after being let go from Star Trek, and I'm glad she was able to achieve sobriety and also get to appear in some of the Star Trek films.

I thought she was gorgeous while she was on the show, and thought it was a shame she was written out just so Kirk could have a different love interest each week.  I remember watching the reruns in the early 90s - she was a big part of the early episodes she appeared in, 8 in total, and then just gone from the show.  At the time I wondered what happened, how she just vanished from the series, and was saddened when I read the details years later.

May she rest in peace.

According to IMDB, her last Star Trek TOS episode was in December 1966. The Batman appearance was in March 1967.

Joe Sherrod said:

...I wasn't sure to post?....some forums frown on replying to old posts!

I can't speak for everybody, but I think resurrecting old posts is fine if the new post is adding something and not restating earlier remarks.

We even have a smily for it:     resurrected photo res.gif

Richard Willis said:

When I posted this fourteen months ago I thought nobody cared. Glad I was wrong.

I missed it, too, Richard, and I didn't hear the news anywhere else, so this is the first I'm hearing of it.

And as Richard has already pointed out, Joe, we resurrect old threads all the time (with the caveat he mentioned).

There were a few of the books that treated her character better, giving her a background and more of a personality. Charlie X was I thought the only episode that she was really allowed to stand out in.

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