If you have not seen the new documentary, PARTICLE FEVER, do so.  It is a film which documents the building and launch of the Hadron Particle Collider in Switzerland.  If you are familiar with DC Comic History and the role of Krona, you will understand that building this machine was forewarned in Green Lantern Comics #40, dated Oct. 1965.  In that issue John Broome, Gil Kane and undoubtly Julie Schwartz, set down the ground-rules for the next 40 years of theoretical physics.  Skeptical?  How else can you explain the following:  

The Hadron exists for the purpose of duplicating a sub-atomic particle, (Higgs-boson), which came into existence a billionth of a second after the Big Bang.  Hence, the Hadron exists to discover the origin of the Universe.  Of course, that was Krona's obsession as documented in G.L. #40.

(The Higgs-boson particle was postulated by Noble Prize Winner Peter Higgs about 40 years ago, concurrent with the Silver Age of Comics. Kinda makes you wonder what the young physicist was reading in his spare time). 

In a sense this may serve as an example of life imitating art.  But it gets better.  As we watch Particle Fever we learn that once the Hadron succeeded in capturing a Higgs the next step is to determine it's "weight" (value).  If the value is around 110 the odds are extremely good that the theory of Super Symmetry is correct.  Super Symmetry is the theory that only one Universe exists.  However, if the value is determined to be around 125 the odds are all in favor of a Multiverse.  This means our Universe is just one of ......Oh Hell! if you are a comic book reader you damn well know what the Multiverse is!

As the documentary comes to an end, and for reasons I will not disclose, we learn the Hadron mission is not yet complete.  It is currently being converted into a Super-Hadron (what else?) and in 2015 or 2016 it will be ready to release the particle collision that could end the debate and change the course of Physics forever.  In other words, Hold On To Your Collections! this is going to get good!               

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John Broome was an SF enthusiast even before becoming an SF writer, which he began doing in the Golden Age. At the end of his life he was teaching English in Japan. In other words, he was a pretty smart guy with a wide variety of interests, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he was aware of the state of theoretical physics at the time he wrote GL #40!

And of course Julie Schwartz was an early (founding?) member of Science Fiction Fandom (which spawned ours) and was an agent for several famous science fiction authors.

I like to play around with the idea that Peter Higgs, intentionally or unintentionally learned something from those two. It's about time someone in comics was awarded a Nobel Prize!!

Hush, do you want the government to start investigating comic book creators, again? You know the NSA is monitoring everything we say on the internet. We don't want to have another spot of bother like what happened when the government investigated Alvin Schwartz for what he knew about the Manhattan Project.


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