On a lark, I decided to start reading Green Lanterns as Dan Jurgens took over writing the book with issue 50. I'm really glad I did. So far, it seems like a great mystery that focuses on Jessica and Simon, but encompasses all of the Corps, including Guy, Kyle, John, and Hal. There's a powerful being called Eon attacking, a Guardian has been murdered, and for some reason (and unrealized by almost everyone) the rings are giving the GLs false information. 

For people uninterested of the various energy spectrums and various color corps, this is a welcome change -- it's epic, but not covering the same war-of-the-colors ground that the GL books seem to have been mired in since the Geoff Johns era. Even better, it might be bringing back a villain I never expected to see again, in a stylish and effective manner. 

There are three issues out so far, and it's a treat.

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"For people uninterested of the various energy spectrums and various color corps..."

That's me.

There's a new Grant Morrison GL title coming soon that will be mainly done-in-one stories focusing on Hal Jordan being a "space cop." Looking forward to that one.

I wrote this on July 5 in the "That Green Lantern Thread", but it didn't get any reaction:

Man, Green Lanterns #50 was good!

Dan Jurgens takes over as the writer, and the art this time came from Mike Perkins. Here we had John Stewart, Guy, Kilowog, Mogo, a Green Lantern doctor (who I was unfamiliar with), a Green Lantern who is a queen (whose name I recognized, but was also unfamiliar with), Kyle, Baz, and the former Green Ring Green Lantern (Jessica) all in a desperate situation. Their rings are lying to them. They aren't helping when they should be, they aren't telling the truth, and they can't count on them for anything. It's a horrifying look at the Green Lantern Corps, but man, it's excellent!

I'm glad you like it, Rob! I did read #51, but I haven't yet read 52. I love what Jurgens is doing with the GLC, and I'm sorry it's going to be so short-lived. I tried to find out what Jurgens will be doing next, but to no avail.

It's ridiculously good. And 52 gives a hint at who's behind it, although the solicitations for future issues talk about someone else's involvement, so it remains to be seen whether I'm right or not. 

I reread #51 and then read 52 today. I loved it. You said we had a hint of who was behind it, and at the beginning of 52, there was an eerie space smile, and I thought, "Oh, jeez, don't tell me it's the Joker..." Luckily that did not turn out to be it! :)

It's not the Joker... but I have a theory on who it is (that is not borne out by solicitations, but solicits sometimes lie...)

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