Inspired by Future Quest, I am soliciting opinions of the following H-B shows. I'm familiar with Jonny Quest and Space Ghost, but I've never seen any of the ones listed below. Which ones can you recommend? Not recommend? All of these are available on DVD. Any thought/commets would be appreciated.



Frankenstein, Jr. & the Impossibles



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Jeff of Earth-J said:

It also made clear that Li’l Rok is Shana’s brother (both children of Pondo), not Tor’s.

In the interests of accuracy, I have to call myself out on an error I committed when I wrote the piece on The Mighty Mightor nine years ago.  As I discovered to-day, while double-checking the information on the next part of my Saturday Morning Silver Age entry, the girl's name was Sheera, not "Shana".  I wanted to get that out before anyone who actually watches an episode of the show gets confused.  I goofed.  I probably got "Shana" stuck in my head when I wrote the piece and didn't catch it.

And, yes, Li'l Rok was annoying, especially after he started wearing his version of Mightor's costume.

Well this is embarrassing because I fact-checked Sheera’s name against your post. (Whoops.) It just goes to show I have more faith in your research than in my own ears. It’s too late to correct my posts, though. Oh, well.

Last night we started watching Frankenstein, Jr. and the Impossibles. Now that I’ve seen it, I don’t really think it’s in the same class as The Herculoids and Mightor… or even Dino Boy and Moby Dick. I never did think these less “realistic” characters were a good fit in the Future Quest comic book series. They are much more “cartoony,” more along the lines of the ‘60s Dick Tracy and The Beatles cartoons.

One thing I like about the disc menu on this set is that each episode is divided into thirds (three seven minute cartoons numbered 1A, 1B and 1C and so on, rather than one 21 minute one), making it easier to skip the filler. I haven’t seen enough yet to determine which is the filler; they rate about equal at this point, but I sure wish the Space Ghost and Mightor DVD menus had been set up this way.

My plan is to continue watching them and move on to Birdman next, but it’s going to be awfully hard waqtching these knowing I’ve got several Disney sets already waiting on deck.

This is an amazingly informative thread! I never knew any of this stuff in pre-Internet days, when you couldn't look up cartoon shows anywhere.

Then you shoud be reading Commander Benson's recent Deck Log archives, which he updated before reposting.

You know, I find myself wishing H-B would feature nore of the Impossibles' songs in each episode.

You know, I find myself wishing H-B would feature more of the Impossibles' songs in each episode.

I know what you mean Jeff.

Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones both got anniversary CDs around the time of their first live action movies, and Rhino put out a collection of everything by Josie and the Pussycats long before their lone movie (to date) was made, but the only record accredited to The Banana Splits and just about everything else Hanna-Barbera music wise hasn't made the transfer.

None of the singers or individual musicians ever got accredited on TV. If it wasn't for the listings that accompany the Scooby, Flintstones, and Josie CDs; those people would probably still be unidentified.

There was one CD of other people singing Saturday morning cartoon theme songs, but it isn't the same.

Bill Callaway, Julie Bennett, and Casey Kasem might eventually be remembered for being part of the Cattanooga Cats (with Jim Begg as one character,) but what chances do Michael Lloyd and Peggy Clinger have of being remembered for actually singing their songs?

I have been unable to confirm this (I checked IMDB and elsewhere online), but I’m certain that the man who does the voiceover in the opening sequence of The Impossibles and Frankenstein, Jr. is word-jazz artist Ken Nordine. (I’m not referring to the “narrator” of the episodes themselves, who is Paul Frees.) I played something of Nordine’s for Tracy last night, but she doesn’t think so. (Wikipedia tells me Ken Nordine is still alive and is 97 years old.) Can anyone confirm Nordine did the opening voiceover?

I am enjoying The Impossibles and Frankenstein, Jr. more than I expected to.Rally Ho!

In last night's episode (#10B) I noticed the Flinstones theme played softly in the background on a bassoon.

I already have the Birdman DVDs waiting on deck.

“Despite the implication of the name, Frankenstein, Jr. was not related to Mary Shelley’s famous literary monster except, vaguely, in appearance.”

There is a special feature on the DVD which explains the story behind the name. Originally, the scientist was to have been named Frankenstein, Jr. and his creation was Uggle Dubbly. At the last minute, when it was decided to go with the “boy and his robot” angle, the name Frankenstein, Jr. was given to the robot.

Few people named Uggle or Dubbly get on TV. Such people need to start suing the studios. What if there's a great director by that name and he can't get a part? Few people like to change their names.

I suspect they just decided he's a Frankenstein so let's call him one. At least they didn't go into the Victor or Henry or Adam bit.

The Hill Street Blues TV show had a stand-up comic with the last name of Hitler. He didn't want to change his name either.

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