So normally my pal Hoy posts these birthday tributes to our standard-bearer, the highly esteemed Mr. Silver Age, Craig Shutt, but as the day has almost drawn to a close and I just now remembered, I guess I'd better get this up on the board soon before the day is completely over.

Every year, as a token of my high regard for the man I call Mr. Age, I comb every garage sale, flea market, attic, used bookstore and comics shop to find the perfect set of comics to give him as a birthday gift, and this year is no exception. Of course, since the whole point is to get these to Mr. Age on his actual birthday, time is of the essence, so in the interest of expediency I've found that it's just as meaningful if instead of sending the actual comic books, I send digital versions of the covers (courtesy of the Grand Comics Database). The thought is truly what counts, right?

So Happy Birthday, Mr. Age! I hope these covers give you many happy hours of pleasure!

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Happy birthday, Mr. Age!

Lo, there shall come a birthday! I hope it was a happy one, Mr. Age!


Thanks guys! I have to admit, Dave, your selection this year is quite creative. I only have one of those comics, which is a lower average than past years. Possibly that's because only one of them came out in the SA. I'm not sure I want to know the thinking behind that selection. You go to some pretty cool garage sales.

The thought is certainly appreciated but, for future reference, it would be considerably more meaningful to send the comics.

-- MSA

I particularly like the Dobie Gillis cover. Dobie's got a look of sullen confusion on his face, like he has no idea who the woman is or why she suddenly cam up to him and strted jabbering away.

Happy birthday, Craig.  And thanks to Dave for jumping in on this special occasion. I was really busy yesterday but did manage to get in a late message on Facebook, but that's not the same as making good wishes here on the AMSA forum.


Thanks, Hoy! I realized you were busy, as you show up here on May 22nd like clockwork.

To be fair to Dobie, Baron, he knows exactly who Thalia is and why she jabbers, he's just not sure she's from this planet (or has met his father). A classic SA comic!

-- MSA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mister Silver Age from a Fan of Bronze!

May all your Kryptonite be Silver!

And your Dark Knight a Caped Crusader!

Best wishes for many more!


A belated Happy Birthday from me! Hope it was a good day.

Happy (belated) birthday, MSA! I hope you had a good one.

As a belated birthday present for our beloved Mr. Age, here is a quartet of covers from the current Showcase Presents: Superman Family Vol. 4, which I happen to be reading at the moment. Craig has all these in the originals, so he's not likely to be re-reading them anytime soon, but here's a taste of some of the Superman Family goofiness some of us are enjoying for the first time.


Thanks guys for the kind wishes (and Bronze Age cover). A guy nicknamed Mr. Silver Age probably can't get away with claiming he's 29 any more. But those AARP discounts are handy.

And thanks for the classic covers, Hoy! Those are true gems. I'm well familiar with all those stories, having used them in columns or trivia quizzes over the years. I will need a reason to pull some of these out and read them sometime. My column was an excellent justification for that.

That last one is a special favorite of mine, both because it features Lana so prominently and also because it was the cover-highlighted cover for a column I did on super-hero vacations back in the summer of 2000.

It came out just as they were holding the All-Time Classic Convention in White Plains, N.Y., with dozens of SA creators in attendance.

I was an invited guest, moderating panels and handing out this issue from my table, when CBG was kind enough to send me several hundred to display. So I have fond memories of it.

-- MSA

I picked two Lana-centric covers because we all think she's hot. I picked a Lucy cover because we all hate her. And, well, today is World Turtle Day, so there's that for the other JO cover.


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