So, the team from Immortal Iron Fist (without Brubaker) go from the mystical world of Danny Rand to the very real streets of NYC in Hawkeye.  In this first issue, Clint fires one arrow (on the very first page) and is never in his superhero costume.  This first, self-contained, story is about what being an Avenger without superpowers, super brains, or a mystical homeland is like when you're not on a mission with all of those other crazy-amazing people.  It's about the punishment your body takes and interacting with fellow New Yorkers and getting in over your head and the karma of taking care of those who can't always take care of themselves. 


And the art is beautiful.


And Clint gets a dog.


I can't wait for the next issue.

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(The one eating the chili is Green Arrow.)

And the one with a great creative team is Hawkeye.  ;)

ISSUE #6: “Hawkguy.” Heh.

That was the first time I laughed out loud at a comic book in recent memory. I even said aloud (no one else even in the house), "Well played. Well played."

Jeff of Earth-J said:

ISSUE #6: “Hawkguy.” Heh.

And let me add also--holy crap, how awesome is this comic? Matt Fraction is tapping into a new part of his brain with this. David Aja is incredible, making each issue a piece of art that goes far beyond just telling the story from point A to point B. Such innovative storytelling. It's like he's doing what Scott McCloud said to do in Reinventing Comics, only instead of doing it on the computer, he's using what everyone has had available to them for decades.

By the way; I, for one, also loved the Javier Pulido issues.

Doggone it! I just looked on Amazon to see when Hawkeye vol. 1 will be released in trade. Not until March 26th. And then it's only #1-5. I was really hoping #6 would be in there too. I want to gift this book to some of my more artistic friends, as well as a non-comics reading friend (my karate sensei) who I found reading Fraction and Aja's Immortal Iron Fist one day last week.

Don't get me wrong, it will still happen, but I was hoping it would be on a time scale according to Marvel's strike-while-the-iron-is-hot trade practice, not DC's horrible one let-it-get-stale-until-no-one-cares practice.

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