Henry R. Kujawa has been banned from the Comics Round Table

Moderator John Dunbar here. 

As many members of the Comics Round Table are aware, the Number One Rule of this Board is "No Personal Attacks".

The moderators have, more than once, explained this rule and what it encompasses.  There have been posts made by moderators where a general reminder of the No Personal Attacks rule has been given to all members.  In other cases, individuals have been singled out by moderators for breaking this rule, and warned not to do it again.

These are decisions which are not made lightly by the moderating team.  However, when it is necessary, action is taken.

On Friday, February 28, Henry Kujawa started a thread entitled "Kirby Land", announcing a new group on Facebook by that name he has created.  In the thread, he mentions a person by name whom he has had a dispute with on Facebook.  Before this was edited by moderator Mr. Silver Age, it read:

 I finally took the advice someone gave me 6 months ago, and started my own Jack Kirby Facebook group.

 I kinda had to.  This one TOTAL F****** A**H*** named (name removed), a full-time sociopath and one of the 2 reasons I stopped contributiing to the GCD site 5 years ago, managed to fool one of the moderators at The Jack Kirby Fan Page group into making him a moderator. Within minutes, he kicked off the other moderators, kicked ME out of the group, made it a "private" group, began being rude, obnoxious & insulting to a large number of the members, and started kicking out anyone who disagreed with him.

Ordinarily, the moderating team would simply delete the offensive wording of the personal attack.  We have decided to show everyone what Henry originally posted, excluding the name of the person he attacked, to make it clear what was said.  The moderating team is in agreement that the comments are a personal attack. 

Henry has been given warnings on more than one occasion for violating the No Personal Attacks rule, and has had several posts deleted for doing that.  Taking into account the comments made on February 28 and his history as mentioned, the moderating team informed Henry that we have decided to give him a one-month suspension from this Board., and that upon reinstatement, any future violation would result in him being banned from here.

Henry has responded by saying that he has never received a warning about his behavior in the past six years and excluding the "one single post" of February 28, he hasn't done anything that anyone would find offensive in that time.  Over on Facebook at his Kirby Land page, he is giving people what he says is his side of the story.  Unfortunately, Henry has made statements which simply are not true.  He has, despite his assertions, been given multiple warnings about breaking the No Personal Attacks rule.  He stated that "NO ONE is mentioned BY NAME" in his post of February 28, which is also not true.  The person he mentioned by name is not one of the moderators here, nor was he in any way part of the discussion regarding Henry's behavior, which are charges made by Henry.  Further, Henry has made several attacks on the moderators of this Board at his Facebook group, including a lot of name-calling that doesn't bear repeating and charging that the letter informing him of his suspension is full of untruths.  Also, there's this:

Henry Kujawa I believe it would be pointless to send any further messages to the IDIOT moderator at CC. I'll have to wait until my "suspension" is over to see whether they actually ALLOW me to post ANYTHING AT ALL there in future.

 But this only means I'm going to take EVERY opportunity to bad-mouth them HERE. 

The moderating team has decided that based on Henry's decision to distort the truth of his past actions, as well as the content of his post of February 28, and attack the moderators of this Board by insulting them and making untrue accusations of dishonesty by the moderators, that Henry Kujawa is immediately and permanently banned from this Board.

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A decision that, I know, was not made lightly, but unfortunately, was made necessary.

On a totally unrelated note, what would be a good antonym for "surprise"?


A decision that, I know, was not made lightly, but unfortunately, was made necessary.

Thank you to the mods for keeping the rest of us informed about this and hopefully they won't have to take such drastic steps again!

It's a shame, really, but things have to be done, sometimes. It says something about this group that as long as I've been here, it's only been necessary a handful of times.

It something more about this group that we've lasted so long without being overrun by the kind of people who openly declare their intent to foster ill will.

Sad that it happened but not shocked by it. Civility goes a long way.

Speaking as a relativly new member can I take the opportunity to thank the moderators and praise their actions. You should feel good on behalf of the whole membership not sad for one lost member. It can't be easy but your work IS appreciated.

I've found this to be a remarkably pleasant place for discussion, as  compared to others in which I've participated.  The moderators must be doing something right.

Thanks, Don. But really, it's all of the posters here who make this place so pleasant and fun. So thanks for that, too! 

Yes, indeed.

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