But first, a few (relatively) spoiler-free thoughts:

I liked it, I think.

I didn't like what happened in it at all. But I think it's a promising first chapter...with a very high cost of admission. 

I liked that there weren't any death scenes. We're just presented with the deaths as something that's already happened, that we're learning about after the fact. Death scenes are a way to say goodbye, and King didn't want to give us that. He gave us sudden loss. 

In future issues we'll piece together what happened, the way survivors do. But for now, we just have the loss, and no explanation.

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So the first chapter of the Heroes in Crisis tie-in "The Price" came out this week. It's not written by Tom King, so I'm not expecting any revelations or even serious hints at clues about the main storyline, but it's a closer look at the Batman/Flash partnership, dealing with some incidents seemingly unrelated to this case, including an attack on the Flash Museum by Gotham Girl. But meanwhile Batman has been having some sort of hallucinations of people who have died at sanctuary. What's up with that?

I'm not sure, but  I'll be happy to find out during the next few issues. As a tie-in, though, I'm keeping my expectations low on any sort of importance to the main storyline.

I filed my copies of "The Button" with my Batman run, but given Josh Williamson's being the regular writer on Flash, and the prominence of Wallys's death, I think this one will be filed with my Flash comics. 

This is the one comic from this week that I have read, and it was pretty good. It will be interesting to see what happens with Gotham Girl. I am glad that we are really getting some movement with that story. It's not what I was expecting from this crossover--I thought it would be four issues of treading water--and I'm glad that it is a four-part story.

I'm especially glad that it's weekly. I love weekly comics. When those stories hook me, I stay hooked.

Yes, the fact that we will get a quick payoff is a good thing too for sure. More has happened in one issue of this story than in five issues of the main Heroes In Crisis series, which is quite refreshing.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

I'm especially glad that it's weekly. I love weekly comics. When those stories hook me, I stay hooked.

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