Rather jumping from thread to thread to talk about these crossover episodes, I thought it might be easier to discuss the crossover all in one place. The shows are:

11/28: Supergirl

11/29: Flash

11/30: Arrow

12/1: Legends of Tomorrow

The Dominators are coming! And so are spoilers, so plan to be up to date when you read this thread.

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I liked the Arrow installment quite a bit. It was great seeing Supergirl and Flash at work in Star City, and also a lot of fun to see how happy Curtis was to hack alien tech. But I also really liked the heart of the story, the Dominator-created fantasy world for Ollie & Co. It was the series's 100th episode, and I thought it really did a good job of paying tribute to the history of the show. 

I didn't actually think Thea was going to come out for a while -- I thought that we'd be have a few shows where she was in an alien coma that she'd have to fight her way out of. I'm glad they just had her change her mind, instead. And it was great to see Ollie & Sara with Laurel again, and to see Ollie's mom & dad, too. I thought they played those reunion scenes really well -- when he hugged his parents goodbye, even though the knew they were false, that was really heartfelt and touching. 

It's funny -- I read something Stephen Amell said on Facebook about the returning cast members coming back, and I was wondering why he didn't mention Manu Bennett, who played Slade. But judging from the show, it looks like they just put someone else in the suit -- he never showed his face. 

I'm definitely looking forward to tonight's conclusion!

It seems the tack they're taking is that each of these four parts still works as a story in each show's continuity, instead of the whole thing serving as a pseudo two-hour movie. Which is as valid a way of doing it as any other, I suppose.

Not being a viewer of Arrow (although Felicity is making me reconsider), I know nothing of the history being fed to me in this It's a Wonderful Life take on Oliver Queen, but I enjoyed it anyway. I was unaware there is a DC TV Universe version of Mr. Terrific, and I find his "mask" is just as dumb in live action as it is on paper. Likewise, I didn't know there is a TV version of Ragman, but thought it was great that he's a man of faith. Joe Kubert would approve. And it's cool seeing Wild Dog; except for being Latino, he looks like he stepped right out of the pages of that old, forgotten miniseries from many moons ago.

I also liked Supergirl and The Flash together. They have great chemistry together, and better yet, they're two characters who are having fun with their powers. It's unfortunate that the shows are locked into this notion that Barry has to go use some mystic dimension-hopping hoo-hah to bring Kara into things. I wish it wouldn't have to be so hard for Supergirl to be available for adventures with the rest.

Now that it's wrapped up, I have to say I was really happy with this crossover. Each show retained a lot of its own flavor, and Arrow has a particularly hard job of participating in the crossover AND celebrating the show's 100th episode, and did it masterfully. The Hall of Justice was introduced, the teams were all given time to interact, and with the communicator/breach device Cisco gave her (does anyone else think it was designed to look like the JLA satellite?), Kara will be closer than ever, and can initiate contact on her own. 

And I will never get tired of Dig's discomfort about this changing world of superheroes. Never ever.

I was pleased with this crossover. Once could quibble about all of the fine points of the execution, but I chalk up the flaws to not having an unlimited budget. 

Some thoughts:

  • For the people wondering why Vixen and Steel weren't in part three, they made up for it by having them prominently in part four.
  • They put to rest Cisco's grumpiness toward Barry by having him commit his own screwup of the timeline. Well done.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that every timeline change is not Barry's fault. Case in point: Professor Stein's daughter. Too bad we didn't see her mother, because it makes me wonder if it's not Stein's wife Clarissa. 
  • Interesting touch at the end that Supergirl's Earth and the Arrowverse Earth both have female Presidents of the United States. Too bad the Arrowverse POTUS isn't Olivia Marsdin, but I understand the logistical issues involved in not making that happen. 
  • It's funny that both Mick and Sara think the new POTUS is hot.
  • Felicity and Cicso make a fun team. If they want to spin off Felicity to her own show, I'm in!
  • Best bit out of all the best bits? At the victory party, Kara -- as Kara, not as Supergirl, meaning she's in a dress, wearing her glasses and with her hair in a ponytail -- runs past Ray Palmer and Felicity, who is, as always, in a dress, wearing her glasses and with her hair in a ponytail -- and they have this exchange: Felicity: "It's like looking into a mirror." Ray: “Yeah, you know what’s funny? She really kinda looks like my cousin.” 

  Cisco deserves his own show!

Yay Vibe!

ClarkKent_DC said:

Felicity and Cicso make a fun team. If they want to spin off Felicity to her own show, I'm in!

I wrote a column about the crossover for the mundies, but I didn't say everything I thought -- especially the topics visited here.

* Was anyone else annoyed that the Supergirl episode was just a tease, and that the tease was repeated in Flash, so you could have skipped Supergirl altogether? I was, not just because I was "tricked" into watching Supergirl (which I would have watched anyway), but because it's unfair to Supergirl fans.

* I thought the Flash episode was pretty good, although the ongoing hero-vs.-hero nonsense at Marvel has wearied me on that concept. But, honestly, what usually happens when you have a really powerful team member on any super-team is that the hero is either "away on a space mission," sidelined early (Oh, no! Kryptonite! And Green Lantern's been knocked out again!) or set against the others by hypnotism or something (Oh, no! Thor has been hypnotized by The Enchantress and is attacking us!) They had to keep Supergirl hamstrung most of the time to keep her from winning all by herself. At least they tried to make it plausible.

* I am glad that the other characters recognized that Supergirl was a quantum level beyond them, power-wise. Often in comics writers like to pretend that everybody's essentially equal -- especially Gardner Fox. Let's be real, shall we?

* Supergirl and Flash make an awesome team. They're just so ... happy!

* Cisco and Felicity make an awesome team. They're just so ... nerdy!

* It was demonstrated over and over again that the Dominators weren't bothered by bullets. Yet in the rooftop battle, that's exactly what Spartan was using against them. (If you'll notice, he's doing a lot of jumping and rolling about to come up firing -- which would be utterly inconsequential to the Dominators, but I guess we were supposed to be impressed.) I have this same problem with the future humans in the Terminator movies, and with the D.E.O. on Supergirl -- they keep fighting people that bullets don't affect, yet they keep bringing guns to the fight. C'mon, guys, adapt.

* Y'all were pointing out the absence of certain characters. Actually, it happened a lot. Speedy dropped out after the Arrow episode, and Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific appeared only in the Arrow episode. As noted, Vixen and Steel only appeared in the Legends segment (and maybe early in Flash -- I didn't notice). Cisco was the only Flash cast member to continue after the Flash episode. And so on. I think the only characters that were in all three episodes were Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Jax/Martin, Spartan, White Canary, Heat Wave, Atom, Cisco and Felicity. (I could be wrong, though.)

* I don't know how Felicity found the Legends, either. Someone asked if anyone know where they were, and she said, "I know where they will be." Maybe that will be explained sometime.

* In general, I thought the shows were surprisingly good at giving every character a moment to shine, and make the "home" shows relevant to that series' continuity. Well done.

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