How I Would "Fix" What's Been Done to Starfire as a Character - the Silver Age Way!

Apparently, the consensus seems to be that the character of Starfire has been "broken" by the way she has been portrayed in the first issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws. I haven't read the comic myself, but I've never let not knowing what I was talking about stop me before!


Anyhow, all we need is a scene like this -


Red Hood is sitting at his desk in the Daily Red Hood and the Outlaws city room.(They do have a city room, don't they? Surely they must!)  Starfire (in her guise as Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran) is standing next to Red Hood's desk talking to him, when suddenly the city room door bursts open! Red Hood and Starfire gasp in astonishment! Standing in the doorway is another Starfire! Only this one is disheveled, her hair all ragged, her costume in tatters, the remnants of shackles on her wrists, and in her hand a ray-gun straight out of a Flash Gordon serial.

She speaks:


"You've kept the real Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran locked up long enough, Starfire! Now my X-ray gun will expose your...your...Damn, you don't have much left to expose, do you? Good thing I paid extra for the blaster option on this thing!"




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"I've never let not knowing what I was talking about stop me before!"

Hear, hear! (And there's no reason to start now!)
My money is on the old "It's really a lifelike robot double" explanation, but yours is just as good!

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Red Tamaranian-Equivalent-of-Kryptonite

Added Bonus: It can also give her a giant ant head.

This Starfire is a moral-deficient clone with bad judgement created by her evil sister Blackfire to ruin Kori's reputation. The True Starfire escapes with the help of her evil sister's own good clone Whitefire. Kori then teams up individually with Hawkman, the Atom, Green Lantern and the Elongated Man to find where the rest of her values (and clothes) are. She also is forced to battle Batman in disguise as The Alien. She then gathers these heroes together to battle her clone and cleanse herself of the whole thing!

And she discovers fishnet stockings!

I like your approach Baron, but I'm having trouble imagining what Starfire's costume 'in tatters' might look like.  There's so little of it there to begin with.  "In tatters" would be just a fragment of material still clinging to her left shoulder, or something.

In the Silver Age, even tattered clothes covered just about everything.


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