1. How is the Coronavirus situation where you live? What's closed down? Have you gone out much? Are you (Oh, what's the trendy term now " Self-distancing "?) staying inside as a precaution or actually infected or is anyone else you know? I hope, if so, you're well. Let's...well, exchange comments.
  2.   I am now in Portland, Oregon. The Govenor, and then, locally, Portland declared a state of emergency. I saw the comment made that Oregon was the furthest behind on dealing with CV of the 3 West Coast states.
  3.   I went out yesterday ( Sun.), I am ill and had sleep to make up to-day (Mon.) and ended up not going out - I may go out across the street to a all-nite grocery tonite-early Tues. I have not heard of a regular medical appointment Tues. being cancelled.

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Jeff, I just saw the post regarding your job loss. I echo the sentiments so eloquently expressed by Commander B.

In 2013 at age 56 I had to collect unemployment for the first time in my life - it was a very humbling experience to say the least. Hang in there my friend.

Day 3: Little change so far. The outpouring of support I have received has been truly heartwarming. "Eloquent" is exactly the word I would have used to describe Adam's post. the actual words used in my dismissal were, "There is no place for you in the new organization." I tried not to take that too personally, because those were the same words used in the announcement of the managing directors, including my boss's boss, who was also present for my exit interview.

I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I love my job... loved. One of my earliest favorite shows was Star Trek; I really appreciated the diversity of the crew. I may have mentioned from time to time that my workplace was "more diverse than the Starship Enterprise," and that's true. Over the years I have worked side by side with people from all over the world... and I mean all over the world. In July of last year we moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art facility was was as much an advance beyond out previous facility (built in 1990) as the Enterprise-D was over Captain Kirk's ship. 

Whereas most of the workforce has been working from home for the past few moths, I was one of 4% who chose to continue to physically come into work every day. (Doing so was still maintaining "social distancing"; instead of, say, 100 people in my wing every day, there were six. 

Okay. that's all for now.

Sadly I find myself in a similar situation as I am not able to return to work, my benefits there have been exhausted. I am trying to get Social Security disability and had a delay as the paperwork that I received mis-spelled my first name as "Phillip". Since these are legal documents, I had to wait for a new, corrected package.

As Data once said to Doctor Pulaski, "One is my name, the other is not!"

I have always wondered why his name was not "Datum" as "data" is plural.

Seriously, I hope everything works out for you, as I hope for us all.

Amen, my friend!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I have always wondered what his name was not "Datum" as "data" is plural.

Seriously, I hope everything works out for you, as I hope for us all.

I had been going in to work every day up until I lost my job. Other than that, we went to the grocery store, the liquor store (every once in a while) and my LCS for as long as we have been able. But that's been pretty much it. Tracy has been on vacation for the past week, just because she needed a break, not because we had anywhere we wanted to go. At one point, she suggested a drive to Waco (an hour and a half) or to Granbury (about half that, I think), just to get out of the house. I didn't want to go to either of those places, but I've been running my errands during the day the during the week and stores have generally been pretty empty and traffic light.

Last February we spent a couple of days spaced over three weeks hitting every Half Price Books in the metroplex. Since it's been a good five months since we did that, I suggested we go to the three closest locations yesterday, just to give us something to do before she returns to work on Monday. Granted it was a Friday rather than a mid-week day, but man, people were out in force! It was like a pre-pandemic weekend. I know I have no room to talk because we were out, too, but I couldn't believe how many people were out on a weekday afternoon. It took us maybe a full minute to back out of our space at the mid-town location due to the constant flow of traffic in the parking lot.

We decided to stop by Total Wine & More on the way home so I cold pick up a little something for the weekend, and it was packed, too. I'd say there were about 100 customers in the store, all socially distanced and wearing masks... except one woman. she was ugly (in every sense of the word) and, i could tell, just spoiling for a fight. Masks are required to enter the store and usually they have an employee posted, but not yesterday for whatever reason.

I'm so ready for this to be over.

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