Most of you know I've been a journalist, mostly as a copy editor, for many, many moons. I did start out as a reporter for a not-even-semi-metropolitan daily newspaper, but most of my writing for the past several years is what I've posted here in various iterations of the Comics Cave.

Late last year, a dear friend steered me to a freelance job writing about comics. I applied, armed with writing samples culled from what I've posted here and kind guidance from some stalwart members of the Legion. They liked what they saw, but asked for an original sample ... then put me on a trial basis. 

So, I am now writing lists for I'm supposed to do two or three a week, and they're on comics, or comics-related movies, or comics-related TV shows. My latest one is a topic near and dear to my heart: "The 15 Best Comic Book Journalists". An archive of my other lists are here.

Of course, I can trust you guys with my secret identity, being fellow members of the Legion. I'm sure no one has any secret protocols to take me out in case I go rogue .... 

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Here is my latest for CBR: "15 Gorgeous Celebrities You Forgot Dated MCU Actors":

And in case you missed it, here's "16 DC Movie Cameos You Totally Missed":

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All my stories may be found here:

Here's a new one from me at CBR: "16 Cartoon Sequels And Reboots WAY Better Than The Originals"

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All my stories may be found here:

Another new one from me at CBR: "Queer to Stay: 8 Superheroes Who Came Out (And 7 More They Won’t A...

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All my stories may be found here:

While my piece on General Zod is percolating, here's one up on CBR right now: "15 Celebrity Cameos Fans Totally Missed in Superhero Movies"

And in case you missed it, take a stroll down memory lane with this one: "Something Strange: 15 Dark Secrets About The Real Ghostbusters"

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All my stories may be found here:

I just read with interest the Ghostbusters one. For a sequel, how about comics ghostbusters before Ghostbusters? There's DC's Dr 13; the 1950s Phantom Stranger; Charlton's Dr Graves; Fiction House's Drew Murdoch (from "The Ghost Gallery"); Fiction House's Dr Drew; and Christopher Fenn. ACG's the Living Ghost was opposed by two reporters in his two stories.

Broadening the category to supernatural investigators adds Dr Occult (the first in comics, I think), Toby's Purple Claw, Fiction House's Werewolf Hunter, Dr Droom, Seaboard's the Cougar, and Quincy Harker and co. from Tomb of Dracula.

Mandrake often acted as a supernatural investigator. Dr Strange did some ghostbusting in "The House of Shadows!" from Strange Tales #120. "I Don't Believe in...Ghosts!" from Journey into Mystery #77 is a fun non-series story on the theme. There must be any number of stories with one-off investigators.

Drew Murdoch and Dr Graves were sometimes investigators, sometimes hosts. Horror hosts could be a list in themselves. Even the Spirit was used in the role, in The Spirit's Casebook of True Haunted Houses and Ghosts.

Thanks, Luke. I don't know if this would fly with my editor. We always have to write with an eye to what brings eyeballs. Nostalgia works, but within certain parameters.

What about a column on how the movies created change in the comics like the Black Widow becoming an important Avenger or the revisions to the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Or how Batman: the Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans, etc. impacted the comics, for example Mister Freeze's origin and, of course, Harley Quinn.

Hey, I've been away for a while, but I have a new one up on "16 Things You Have to Do for a Superhero Body (According to MCU St...

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All my stories may be found here:

I've got a new one at "15 Fan-Made DC/Marvel Superhero Mash-Ups Fans Will Wish Were Real"

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All my stories may be found here:

I've been remiss about posting these, but here is my latest for CBR: "Spider-Man: 25 Weird Facts About His Powers (That Only Real Fans K...

and here is the one before that: "Big Bang Theory: The 15 Weirdest Secrets About Penny"

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All my stories may be found here:

Hey, Kelvin! I particularly liked the Big Bang article. It’s your first non-comics-related one for CBR, isn’t it? (I never even though about the fact that Penny has never been given a last name.) I can hardly wait to watch the season finale. (Tracy is out of town and I am on strict orders not to watch it without her.) We really like Young Sheldon, too.

Hmmm .... I suppose it is. The Big Bang Theory is comics-adjacent, so I guess that's why they wanted it. 

I've done a few other pieces recently outside the CBR purview, just to scratch my itch for writing about TV.

This is a commentary about the career of Steven Bochco, producer of Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, and other '80s and '90s hits: "Steven Bochco Held a Mirror to America's Way of Policing"

This is a tribute to Bob Dorough, the voice and main songwriter of "Schoolhouse Rock": "With 'Schoolhouse Rock,' Bob Dorough Wrote the Soundtrack of Ameri...

And this came to me: What would Cliff Huxtable think about the Bill Cosby verdict? "Bill Cosby Gets a Visitor"

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