Most of you know I've been a journalist, mostly as a copy editor, for many, many moons. I did start out as a reporter for a not-even-semi-metropolitan daily newspaper, but most of my writing for the past several years is what I've posted here in various iterations of the Comics Cave.

Late last year, a dear friend steered me to a freelance job writing about comics. I applied, armed with writing samples culled from what I've posted here and kind guidance from some stalwart members of the Legion. They liked what they saw, but asked for an original sample ... then put me on a trial basis. 

So, I am now writing lists for I'm supposed to do two or three a week, and they're on comics, or comics-related movies, or comics-related TV shows. My latest one is a topic near and dear to my heart: "The 15 Best Comic Book Journalists". An archive of my other lists are here.

Of course, I can trust you guys with my secret identity, being fellow members of the Legion. I'm sure no one has any secret protocols to take me out in case I go rogue .... 

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Great articles, all. The only one I haven't read yet is the Spider-Man one.

I initially avoided Young Sheldon, expecting to be disappointed. From everything I've heard, it's a great show that I'll soon be binge-watching.

THREADJACK: I actually like the Sheldon of Young Sheldon better than the Sheldon of Big Bang Theory. Behavior that is charming in a precocious nine year old is much more acceptable than it is in an adult. If the show lasts (and I hope it does), it must take a turn to the serious in another season or two, because we already know Sheldon's dad dies young. Plus, Sheldon will soon go off to college, which could change the whole dynamic of the show.

Continuing the threadjack photo threadjack.gif

I've only seen a few snippets of Young Sheldon, pretty much the last minute of any given episode that the cable box captures before the show I really want to watch starts.

I'm not terribly interested in Young Sheldon for the reason stated above: "Behavior that is charming in a precocious nine year old is much more acceptable than it is in an adult." Initially, Adult Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory was socially awkward, and so smart he's clueless. He's evolved into a bully who is selfish, gratuitously nasty, and constantly condescending -- and is fully aware that he is being so.

For the record, the behavior I was referring to is more along the lines of "socially awkward and so smart he's clueless" rather than "selfish, gratuitously nasty and constantly condescending." Now that you mention it, though, his adult character has developed along those lines.

Watched the wedding episode last night. Where was Mee-Maw?

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Watched the wedding episode last night. Where was Mee-Maw?

Here's the answer, from showrunner Steve Holland:

Steve Holland said:

Unfortunately this episode came in very long and we had to start making hard decisions about what was serving the story and what we could lose. We had recorded a phone message from Mee-Maw explaining why she couldn't be there (she is in her 90s after all), and sadly we had to cut it for time. It was a hard cut to make, not only because it was a sweet moment but also because I know people are going to wonder why Mee-Maw didn't get mentioned, but at the end of the day we had to make the best episode we could and a 30-second phone call was going to be 30 seconds less wedding we got to see. I know that CBS is planning to post some bonus content online after the episode airs, and I think Mee-Maw's phone call will be one of the things they put up.

I also read somewhere (don't feel like looking it up), that instead of having actress June Squibb reprise Mee-Maw, the recorded phone call was by Annie Potts, who plays Mee-Maw on Young Sheldon, because she's become the face of the character. After all, Squibb appeared and Mee-Maw only once on Big Bang.

I do wonder why they didn't make the wedding episode an hour long, or two half-hours. They certainly could have. 

Showrunner Steve Holland told TV Line, “Usually our scripts come in at about 40, 45 pages. This one was about 65 pages. We spent the week [of production] paring it back…. Some of those cuts were painful, but anything that wasn’t servicing [the central story] fell by the wayside.”

One of those cuts was a scene of Amy and Sheldon opening wedding gifts ... including one from Steven Hawking.

Here's a piece from Good Housekeeping about other bits of business that was and wasn't in the episode: "9 Things You Totally Missed During 'The Big Bang Theory' Finale"

“Here’s the answer…”

Thanks! Regarding June Squibb vs. Annie Potts, I was expecting Annie Potts in make-up to make her appear older. Amy’s mom appeared once before, too, but that didn’t stop them from casting Kathy Bates.

Regarding yesterday’s conversation, since the debut of Young Sheldon I realized I don’t much ike the adult Sheldon as much as I used to. I thought it was because of the child/adult dichotomy I mentioned, but as you pointed out, the adult Sheldon’s characterization has changed.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Here's a piece from Good Housekeeping about other bits of business that was and wasn't in the episode: "9 Things You Totally Missed During 'The Big Bang Theory' Finale"

Regarding the Good Housekeeping article:

The magician Teller also played a drug-dealing bad guy (who ran his mouth as I recall) in an episode of Miami Vice. He got "blowed up real good" in slow motion. 

So far I've only watched the first couple of episodes of Young Sheldon, but he and his father seem to get along fine. Both of his parents are portrayed (and well-acted) as being 100% behind Sheldon and doing whatever was necessary to advance him academically. Of course, that could change as time went along.

I don't recall any mention from The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon and his father didn't get along.

On Young Sheldon, both his mother and his father are good people doing the best they can.

There was an episode of The Big Bang Theory in which Sheldon hit it off better with Bernadette's father than Howard did by demonstrating a vast knowledge of football, thanks to his eidetic memory and being forced to watch football with his father on Sunday afternoons. I keep waiting for the father on Young Sheldon to say, "C'mere, Poindexter," but so far that hasn't happened.

the actor who plays Sheldon's dad also played Leonard's high school bully on The Big Bang Theory. It would have been funny if Sheldon would have remarked that he reminded him of his father, but who knew at that time?

You might want to link to your Gotham article, too.

Right you are, Richard! Here it is: "Gotham: 15 Reasons It Is Not Lasting Another Season"

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