I now have two kids in college so I have now eliminated all of my weekly pull, except for stories where Doctor Strange has an important role. We'll see how long this lasts before the temptation to add titles gets too strong.

BTW, thanks for the greetings from Rob & Jeff Alan. I am embarrassed to say I didn't realize that the board had moved over here, I just thought everybody was taking a break for the summer on the old board. Shows in my case, a notice that reads "Important, Please Read" can go unnoticed for weeks. I guess that I am like the old mule that you need to hit over the head with a two-by-four just to get its attention.

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I feel your pain, Bob. :D I don't buy any title on a regular basis anymore, due to financial strains. I did pick up the last issue of "Legion of 3 Worlds", but that's it for the foreseeable future.
I've cut way back as well, Bob -- I did it when I lost my job last fall, and have gradually added things once Ifound some frelancing jobs to make up some of that lost income. I used to read tons of DC stuff with a smattering of Marvel and independents. Now it's a smattering of DC, with a couple independents now and then.

One other thing I do -- I commit myself to buying a story, not a title. I also look for done-in-ones if I feel a hankering for a comic. (Jonah Hex was great for this, and I imagine will be again in a couple more months. Similarly, The Muppet Show always satisfied.)

And I take a hard look when a title expands to more, and I'm a lot less likely to buy from inertia. Therefore JSA is getting dropped for now (I can't do both it and all-stars, and will have to pick them up in trades sometime down the road), and I'm not going to buy Adventure Comics as I'd planned, simply because I don't have much interest in Superboy, no matter how much I want the Legion backups. They'll collect 'em, and I'll get 'em then. But that'll be the first new Legion material I've left on the shelf since I was in 6th grade, so it's a hard call.
Fortunately I am still working, though my pay is half what it was just a couple of years ago and my wife lost her job last month. That being said, we have cut way back on all but the necessities. For reading entertainment I am frequenting the library and the used book store much more often. As for comic books, the plan is to hit one of the small local cons in the fall where it is possible to pick up some great deals.

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