I downloaded and installed IE8 the other day when prompted by Windows Update. I use Firefox almost exclusively, so I did it out of curiosity. But The Lovely and Charming Mrs. B-Dog, who uses IE8 as her main browser, tells me it has intermittently not loaded certain Web sites. At the same time, Firefox will load those sites.

Has anyone else experienced problems with IE8?

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I haven't had any problems. There is one odd change, though. Before, if IE detected page content that was not secure, it asked if you wanted to display it anyway (click 'Yes'). Now IE asks if you want to block the non-secure content (click 'No' to see the whole page). Also, there's a Compatibility View button next to the Refresh button: clicking that is supposed to improve the display of pages designed for earlier browsers. Maybe that would help the Mrs.?

Sorry. Skipped IE8 and went right from IE7 to IE9. IE9 keeps telling me all sites have certificate errors so I should stay away from them. I mean all sites as in verizon, yahoo, youtube, google...

A few months ago there was an alert from the Department of Homeland Security to NEVER use Internet Explorer because of security holes. Microsoft issued a fix in May (see here), but I didn't use it much before that and haven't used it since.

I'm up to IE 11, which I use when (occasionally) a website has been designed to only work well with IE (which NEVER should be the case). I believe IE 11 will only run on Windows 7 or 8, but IE 10 will run on XP and older. I normally use Firefox.

As for the Homeland Security alert, which I have reviewed on their site, it was only applicable until Microsoft issued the update. They didn't say to never use IE. Normally they issue "patch" updates before a major problem develops. Homeland Security's site refers us to the Microsoft page.

The most important thing on the Microsoft page is advise to have your Microsoft Updates set to automatic so that you get all updates. You should install the most recent version of IE that your system will support, which should be 10 or 11 at this point. Older versions are always going to be vulnerable.

I also make a point of updating all Adobe products (Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave) and Apple products (Quicktime and iTunes) and Java, which can all be vulnerable to hackers if not up to date. This applies no matter what browser you use.

From what I've read IE10 will only run on Windows 7 or 8. I never got an option to update to 10.  

I never use IE unless, like Richard, it is absolutely necessary. I use Firefox, then Chrome, then anything else until I get to IE.

After looking into it, you're right.

Win XP will only go as high as IE 8

Win Vista will (I think) only support IE 9)

Win 7 will support IE 10 and IE 11

Win 8 will (I think) only support IE 11

Each version is more secure than the last.

As for the certificate errors, you can turn off this useless checking in IE's advanced browser settings.

Ron M. said:

From what I've read IE10 will only run on Windows 7 or 8. I never got an option to update to 10.  

I switched to IE9 because sites were telling me they didn't accept IE7 anymore. I'm using a Vista. It's been pretty good but Christmas I'll have had it six years so it's time I looked for a new computer. I've heard Windows 9 may be released next year so I was thinking of waiting until then. Unless this one breaks down first.

You use Vista? What a brave soul.

Word is, Microsoft will soon kill off support for Vista and Windows 7 to push people into getting Windows 9.

Then again, there are still people using Windows XP -- including me, I have it on my backup computer -- who don't feel the need to upgrade right away ... or ever.

Going to the question that started this thread, Internet Explorer 11 doesn't run on Windows XP; you can't even install it.

I've heard a lot of complaints about Vista. Not having used anything else I have nothing to compare it with.

Coincidentally, a friend just sent me this story:

Microsoft to drop support for outdated web browsers


"MIcrosoft celebrates death of IE6."

Celebrates? Putting it that way really makes you want to support them, doesn't it?

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