I downloaded and installed IE8 the other day when prompted by Windows Update. I use Firefox almost exclusively, so I did it out of curiosity. But The Lovely and Charming Mrs. B-Dog, who uses IE8 as her main browser, tells me it has intermittently not loaded certain Web sites. At the same time, Firefox will load those sites.

Has anyone else experienced problems with IE8?

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The way I look at it, if you want parts for your Model T you can't get them from Ford anymore.

It's the same with computers except the time to obsolescence is a lot shorter.

Hi! I was surprised the other day when I started getting email notifications about this thread. I had completely forgotten about it and whatever computer issues we may have been having at the time. (Yes, we still have the computer, and yes, I am typing this reply on it, and yes, Mrs. B-Dog is as Lovely and Charming as ever.) At the time, and for many years before, I think I ran all my major computer decisions past the experts on this board. You people introduced me to Gmail and Firefox back in ... oh, let's say, circa 2003, so I'll always be thankful for that. And through this board, I was introduced to a great community of comics lovers after I had spent many years away from the hobby. I found out about Morrison's "New X-Men," Moore's ABC line, Brubaker's "Captain America," and so much more here. More recently, my reading tastes have drifted away from comics again, and my time for leisure reading, period, has become pretty limited. But I'll always hold a special place for what Andrew, Rich and the others have created and sustained here for many, many years. ALWAYS A LEGIONNAIRE!

Hiya B-Dog

Thanks for checking in.  We miss you!  You didn't post quite enough for my liking, but when you did it was good stuff!  We all move in different directions eventually, but maybe one day you will return.

Be well!

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