Where should I start? Netflix has the series on instant watch starting with the Christopher Eccleston series and onward. They might have some of the older ones for instant watch but the new stuff is what's featured right now.


I'm thinking of starting now, so hopefully some Doctor Who fans are online.

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Well I wented ahead and started with episode 1: Rose but it's not working right. The screen has all the colored lines like when the cable goes out. I tried the next episode and it works fine.
Had I seen your post in time, I would have said to start with "Rose," anyway. Pity it didn't work right, though. My recommendation is that you just watch them in order now. Feel free to skip the episode "Fear Her." In my opinion, it's the worst episode since the series returned in 2005 and remains one of the worst I've ever seen, period.
Thanks, Cav. I reported the problem to Netflix. I'm going to try again later. I want to start with episode one.
And if Rose doesnt catch your attention, jump ahead and pick it back up with either Season 3 (Blink) or the start of the Matt Smith run, Season 5.
I would have said start with Ecclestone too. He's a great Doctor and pretty unique. Rose and that season is a great intro to the Doctor, giving you all the reasons he's so popular - excitement, fun, wonder - and leaving out 95% of the off-putting continuity nonsense.

Thanks for the input. Like I said I reported the issue with Netflix. I haven't had a problem with the video display on the instant watch before.


I've got a lot of stuff I've been wanting to watch but reading for years how much everyone here loves Doctor Who, I think I'm ready to give it a chance. I don't really have a reason why I never sat down and gave it a shot. I does look like something I'd enjoy. I think the idea that ithe show has been around so long seemed daunting.

Some newer fans have started with the fifth series starring Matt Smith and loved it.
Those guys are delittentes and weekend Geeks. Jason is of our more dedicated tribe! it's all or nothing!

It's just a thing with me. I might enjoy one portrayal of the Doctor more than another. It's just that nextflix has the seasons packaged together starting with Eccleston. What if I start with the David Tennant stuff? I kinda like Eccleston though.


I tried to watch episode 1 again and it's not working properly. This is on PS3, I have a wii I might try it there and if all else fails on my laptop. Well, just tried it on the laptop, same issue.


I was really just looking for something fun to watch while eating dinner and didn't want to get invested in a movie. Doctor Who caught my eye as I was scrolling through. It's in my queue so whenever the mood strikes me again I'll give it a shot. I promise to watch it after the fuss I've been making. I might have to take everyone's advice and start with a later season.

If you're talking about the new (i.e., 2005) series, then by all means start right at the beginning with the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston (as everyone else has said and you have already begun to do).


But if you're talking about the old (1963) series, start with "The Beginning" boxed set. Where (or perhaps "when" would be more appropriate) you go next depends on your reaction to those episodes.


Do NOT go back to 1963...that way is for diehards only.


Start at Eccleston or Smith.  The Tennant run is amazing, but pays off a lot of things that began during the Eccleston year.


I'm not planning on going way back unless I like the newer ones and want to see how it all started.


Thanks Doc on clarifying. I was wondering why no one was recommending starting with Tennant. That makes sense, though.


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