A friend of mine on Facebook (I have also chatted with her on the phone & had lengthy email convos with her so it is not THAT creepy)  ;) started posting these yesterday and I thought it was fun enough that I would let everyone join in the fun. You don't have to be a curmudgeon to do this but it don't hurt neither! LOL!

Having an old nerd moment. I keep calling the Batman thing "Death in the Family". In my day, sonny, we voted on Robin getting whacked...
Also, Justin Timberlake shaved for the Grammys... But not his wedding.

In my day, the best superhero shows on TV were not Lost Girl and Once Upon a Time.

In my day, Mystique wore clothes... and was a lesbian..
In my day, Thor's pants did not look like they were constantly going to fall off. PULL UP YOUR PANTS THOR!
In my day, Loki was the God of Mischief. Not the God of Give Captain America His One Scene In Avengers. 
In my day, Star Trek and Star Wars had different directors... 
In my day, the comic book good guys won. Because we still wanted to be the good guys. Because they were still cool. 
In my day, Superman punched things...
In my day, Superman and Lois, AND Spiderman and Mary Jane were married.
In my day, characters swapping bodies happened every other month. 
In my day, Wonder Woman didn't eat Hagen Das on TV... wait, she still doesn't.
My own addition: In my day, Avengers membership was at least a bit harder to get than pre-approval on a Mastercard
Join in the fun!

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The first one that came to mind...


In MY day, the Hulk was green!


(Obvious, really.)

In MY day, the Guardians of the Galaxy were the lone survivors of their races, fighting the Badoon and Korvac in the distant future!

In my day, there were multiple Earths but it wasn't anything that people had a real problem with & if they did, it could be explained in a single panel.

In my day, comic book stories only lasted 6 issues if the story needed six issues to tell.In my day, Superman wore red trunks--and we liked it!

In my day, Norman Osborn was most sincerely, irrevocably dead.  With a body and everything.

In my day, the Hawks were from Thanagar and didn't have to prove to anyone how badass they were.

In my day, Justice League didn't look like a 90s Marvel comic (and a dull one at that).

In my day, you didn't need a credit card to buy comics.

In my day, you didn't have to leave town to buy comics.

In my day, an artist could draw more than one book a month.

In my day, Wolverine was in only ONE title and he wasn't the star!

In my day, we were happy to have any superhero on TV. No matter how bad the special effects were! (Spider-Man the Series).

In my day, DC focused on Superman, not Green Lantern.

In my day, Marvel focused on Spider-Man, not Iron Man.

In my day, Todd McFarlane drew!

In my day, Alan Moore wrote!

In my day, stories mattered not action shots!

In my day, you could believe a man could fly and that was enough!

How true, Phillip.  Well said.

In my day there were No Prizes for mistakes found.

In my day there was a Hulk that smashed.

In my day there were stories that lasted three issues and they were earth shattering.

In my day characters did not die and when they did they stayed dead.

In my day Stan was the man and Jack was king.

In my day you walked to the drug store and bought comics that cost pennies and not dollars. 

In my day Cap'n Comics was a mysterious presence in the pages of Comics Buyers Guide.

In my day posts counts were a badge of honor and were celebrated with lusty, glorious praise of our peers. 

In my day, superheroes wore their tighties on the outside, like God intended!

In my day, the roll call of the X-Men didn't outnumber the roll call of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

In my day, the appearance of Darkseid WAS an event, not the start of one. (Damn you Superfriends: The legendary Superpowers show!)

In my day, the Batmobile was the coolest thing on four wheels that was on TV.

In my day, anything could happen in comics as long as there was a legitimate reason. Like having a team for the common man made up of a demi-God, an ex-russian spy, a demonic stunt rider, and two ex-X-Men or having Captain America voluntarily quit.

I just realized that I didn't give proper credit for the subject to its creator. She is a TV celebrity up here in Canada called Liana K (who actually appeared in Secret Six as her self due to the writing of Gail Simone, a friend of hers).

In my day . . . .

Looked at things drawn on cave wall with juice from berry


Only cost two shiny stones to look at things drawn on cave wall


When sky angry, flashing light from cloud make fire on tree


Kill thunder lizard with many sharp sticks


Look for food when ball in sky hot


Hide in cave when ball in sky go away


Laugh at Grokk making strange thing he call "wheel"


    . . . and we liked it.

As always, good ones Commander. 

In MY day, Nick Fury was the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and he didn't have any kids.

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